Small Dolls

On a general note, the main story is that they all are souls that have woken in a doll body. Hippu has now remembered that he once was LeBrant, a follower of the Lord of Chaos Fyrd the Eighth who was nearly killed by his deity when he tried to save an innocent deer. Nuu is that deer, who is now loyal to her saviour.

This story also used to involve Manna, Nikki and Éire, but since they have been sold/reshelled, they won't appearing in these stories anymore. Now it's focused on the Soomlings.

Hippu - Soom Teenie Gem Sweet (Angel's Message)

Hippu on Flickr
  • Ordered: 5.10.09
  • Arrived/Birthday: 5.11.09
  • Face-up: Soom default
  • Default eyes: Captured in Glass 14mm
  • Default wig: Unoa Lusis default
  • Mods: body modded to be androgyn
  • Sex: neutral
  • Real name: LeBrant Hope

Hippu has no idea what he used to be, he just one day woke up in an empty house and found himself to be a doll. Despite his amnesia, he has a very positive take on life. When other dolls started to appear/arrive in the house he quickly befriended them. He doesn't seem to hold anything against anyone, even Éire! Only the Other-Nuu with her continuing riddles tick him off.

Nuu - Soom Teenie Gem Ai (Winnie Dee)

Nuu on Flickr
  • Ordered: 28.12.09
  • Arrived/Birthday: 24.2.10
  • Face-up: StrawberryResin
  • Default eyes: Enchanted Doll 14mm ED#53
  • Default wig: Leeke pink (several, Chapagne pink in the above photo)
  • Mods: -
  • Sex: girl
The normal Nuu can only say 'nuu' which is why Hippu named her so. That and her little tail give off that she's no ordinary girl. At times her other form shows herself. Then she has hooves and faun ears. This Other-Nuu seems to know of Hippu's origin but she's not really the sharing type to Hippu's endless frustration.

Hani - Soom Teenie Gem Bygg (Starlight Prince)

New Face on Hani 02

Hani on Flickr

  • Ordered: 28.2.2011
  • Arrived/Birthday: 6.5.2011
  • Face-up: Fyrd8th
  • Default eyes: Vings 14mm N07
  • Default wig: Leeke two-toned (several)
  • Mods: -
  • Sex: girl (boy body)
  • Full name: Hani Vanille Cupcake
Milki's twin sister. Rest to be added once I figure it out :D

Milki - Soom Teenie Gem Bygg (Thunder Play)

Mintmilk 01

Milki on Flickr
  • Ordered: 16.11.2013
  • Arrived/Birthday: 21.11.2013
  • Face-up: Jesmo
  • Default eyes: Dollflower Amber 12mm
  • Default wig: Leeke MaturalBlack
  • Mods: -
  • Sex: girl (neutral body)
  • Full name: Milki Liqourice Cupcake
Hani's twin sister (although the 'birthday I have listed is the date of arrival to me). Rest to be added once I figure it out :D

Rigel - Soom Teenie Gem Skoll (The Chess CW)

Basic Colours 01

Rigel on Flickr
  • Ordered: 31.8.2014
  • Arrived/Birthday: 11.12.2014
  • Face-up: Fyrd8th
  • Default eyes: Mako Moon-002
  • Default wig: Spite&Malice
  • Mods: --
  • Sex: boy
  • Full name: Rigel
To be added once I figure it out :D

Cotton Candy - Soom Teenie Gem Taco (Sweet Snow)

Candy Princess 03

Cotton Candy on Flickr
  • Ordered: 18.10.2014
  • Arrived/Birthday: 30.10.2014
  • Face-up: Fyrd8th
  • Default eyes: Enchanted Doll ED #40/#45, #40 rim 12mm
  • Default wig: Leeke PeachPink/Evecream
  • Mods: --
  • Sex: girl
  • Full name: Cotton Candy Lollipop
A stuck-up little princess.


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