Who's Who?


I'm a woman from Finland who likes cute dolls, cute clothes and is an avid denier of reality and her own age.

In the doll forums my nick is mostly Shara. Everywhere else, it's Fyrd, because I've chosen that to be my username for most photo-sharing or social media applications and sites.

Feathermint is actually a name I came up with when I was designing myself as a My Little Pony :D So it's my pony-name.


When I dream, I often see things from the first-person point-of-view. It's kinda like it's all happening to me, but still it feels like I'm living someone else's life. So it's the life of the Other-Me. And damn, her life is way more interesting than mine...


Valentine is my significant other. He doesn't really like my hobbies, especially the money I spend on them, but he tolerates them well enough. We have been married for years and have known each other for even more.


Or Lil-Loki, or just plain Loki (when it's impossible to confuse with the actual Norse god, or the Marvel antagonist) is my son.


Is one of my oldest friends that I met at university.


Is one of my best friends who I spend a lot of time with. We have lots of same hobbies but our preferences differ, so it's interesting to see what the other is up to. In other places she goes by Dark and her blog is here.


Sugar is also one of my doll-friends that I know irl. Her spunky colourful dolls are a nice contrast to my pastelballs. In other places she goes by Dark and her blog is here.


Vanilla is I think my oldest friend I still keep in touch with. She's not into my hobbies, but we still have good time over good food and drinks.


Velvet is a fellow Teeniemaniac, although she has plenty of other dolls and collectibles as well. In other places she goes by Dark and her blog is here.


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