Bucket List

What I want to do before I kick the bucket:

I no particular order:

- go snowboarding (yes, my idea of a cool slide down a mountain side in a cool white snowboarding outfit is a bit romantic, but I’m prepared to tick this off with just tumbling down the mountain side) - DONE on February 2nd, 2013 @ Ellivuori (did just as much tumbling as I thought I would, but managed to do a few mediocre slides as well)

- finish and publish a novel (at this point though, self-publishing counts!)

- watch a sunset or sunrise with a loved one (counting on Friends/Family on this one, since it’d be hopeless to do with Valentine… If it didn’t work out on our honeymoon, it never will…)

- fit into size EU 36 pants

- get a tattoo

- sing on stage

- visit Tokyo, Japan - DONE in August 2013 (it was a blast, I bought so much stuff and had to leave so much more stuff behind!)

- visit every Disneyworld/-land on Earth (Eurodisney check! Disney world Orlando check! Tokyo check!, L.A. and Hong Kong still to go!)

- recover the cost of my dolls via selling doll-related things

- get a pair of bright red stiletto heel shoes that I can walk with


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