Pup in a Cup

160628 Pup in a Cup 01

I'm home sick, and laying on the couch marathoning iZombie my summer hat caught my eye. I had the sudden inspiration of putting a doll inside and snapping some photos.

160628 Pup in a Cup 04

Milki got the honourary role of the doll in the hat. I was going to grab Fordy, but she needs some more summery clothes... Luckily, I just placed an order for a set that will have a piece for her as well ^-^

160628 Pup in a Cup 02

160628 Pup in a Cup 03

So, hats, done! What would be next, shoes? I got a lot of shoes...

160628 Pup in a Cup 05

Don't worry though, lil' Milki! I won't put you into a smelly shoe!


  1. She's so precious!!! love how the rest pops up but Milki still manages to be the center of atenttion :D

    1. Nice observation! I didn't even think about that XD Now I can only see her as trying to hide in plain sight. And failing! :D

  2. Wow, lovely photo shoot! I really like the blur effect and your Soom Beyla is just too cute. What zoom lens are you using?

    1. I've got a 16-50mm kit lense as a zoom, but these photos were actually taken with my Super-Takumar 50mm prime (with an adapter). A lovely lense!


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