Moved on

Here are doll profiles of the dolls that have moved on from here, aka. the sold or reshelled ones.

Alistair - Soom Little Gem Pel bronze

Blue Bird

    • Ordered: 2011

    • Arrived/Birthday: 4.5

    • Face-up: Fyrd8th

    • Default eyes: Captured in Glass 14mm

    • Default wig: Crobidoll

    • Mods: -

    • Sex: girl

    • Real name: Alistair Weston-Pryce

    • What happened to her? -> MSDs didn't work out for me, she got sold to a friend

Alistair (or Ally, Ali...) is a dreaming Jane Austen -loving romantic, but also a bit humourless and takes everything too seriously.

She was born to a wealthy and old family and is the only biological child of her parents. A few years back, her older cousin was adopted to be the first-born son and heir. This was a relief for Alistair who had been raised pretty much as a boy from early years. She was given more freedom to be a girl although still expected to continue the family tradition to be a White Knight and to protect the innocent.

Éire - Alchemic Labo Unoa Lusis 1.5 (dozing FP, modded)

Leather Rock Ballerina Princess 03

Éire on Flickr

  • Ordered: 14.6.2010

  • Arrived/Birthday: 28.7.2010

  • Face-up: Fyrd8th

  • Default eyes: Enchanted Doll 12mm Milky #23

  • Default wig: Soom RW020

  • Mods: eyes opened to dreaming, eyebrows sanded

  • Sex: woman (so she says)

  • Real name: Fyrd the 8th

  • What happened to her? -> MSDs didn't work out for me, she's being upgraded in an SD!Fyrd

She claims to be Irish but as Nikki points out, she can't even get the accent straight. She has her own plans that she doesn't really share. Manna and Nuu are scared of her and Nikki hates her with a passion. Éire doesn't seem to care about any of that though.

Manna - Alchemic Labo Unoa Lusis 1.5 (default FP, modded)

Manna Portrait

Manna on Flickr

  • Ordered: 14.6.2010

  • Arrived/Birthday: 28.7.2010 (she's around 20years old)

  • Face-up: Fyrd8th

  • Default eyes: Dollflower 12mm Amber

  • Default wig: Leeke Goldenrod

  • Mods: eyes opened a bit, eyebrows sanded

  • Sex: woman

  • Real name: Audrye Sweet

  • What happened to her? -> MSDs didn't work out for me

She was born in Wales to a nurse father and a surgeon mother. She never really took interest on the family practice and mainly got through high school thanks to her mentor, Nigel Willoby who was in her class. Her break came as she was discovered as a model at 15. She then ventured onto acting in a teen soap and to music business. Her first album got two singles, one of which made it to UK top 10. Manna is her stage name especially for modeling and singing.

She was quite devastated to transform into a doll. She desperately wants to become human again before her fame fades off.

Nikki - Soom Teenie Gem Bygg (Starlight Prince)

Come and get me!

Nikki on Flickr

  • Ordered: 28.2.2011

  • Arrived/Birthday: 6.5.2011 / 22.12 (this is when his first shell came home)

  • Face-up: Fyrd8th

  • Default eyes: Soom 14mm skyblueeclipse silicone

  • Default wig: Crobidoll

  • Mods: -

  • Sex: boy

  • Real name: Nigel Willoby

  • What happened to him? -> he got upgraded to an SD, and is now Nigel

Nigel Willoby was born in Wales and went to the same high school in Swansea as Manna. As a teen genious he made a lot of cash mentoring other students and blew them all on electronics. He is a talented hacker with an interest in the occult. His dabbling with magic has burned him though and he think he's to blaim for him and Manna becoming dolls. He now tries everything to reverse it. So far it hasn't gone very well and is now stuck with a girl spirit possessing him.

He loves anything anime and can be seen as an otaku. It is no surprise then that Nuu is of great interest to him, as she can be categorised as a magical girl. He also loves his laptop named Rei. In addition to this enhanced laptop he has a triple core power-PC named after the Suzumiya Haruhi girls (Haruhi, Yuki and Mikuru).

Kalla - Soom Teenie Gem Bygg (Starlight Prince)

She's like Samara!

Kalla on Flickr

  • Ordered: 28.2.2011

  • Arrived/Birthday: 6.5.2011

  • Face-up: Fyrd8th

  • Default eyes: Capture in Glass 14mm E31-1

  • Default wig: Leeke natural black LR-0015_D

  • Mods: -

  • Sex: girl (although in a boy body)

  • Real name: Calewa

  • What happened to her? -> got tired of the character, the doll is now Hani

Kalla came here as Nikki was trying to use magic to solve his problem. They are now fused in the same body, being Nikki by day and Kalla by day.

Kalla is a bit demanding and bratty, but Hippu sees that she really is just a lost, lonely little girl. She's a bit of a mystery for everyone though. Well, with the exception of Éire...

Phoenix - Volks SD10 Kun

Fyrd on Flickr

  • Ordered: 9.8.2013

  • Arrived/Birthday: 9.8.2013 / ???

  • Face-up: Fyrd8th

  • Default eyes: ED Milky custom 18mm

  • Default wig: Spite&Malice blond custom

  • Mods: -

  • Sex: Boy?

Phoenix Coeur is Yuffie's cousin from Bordeaux.


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