Procastination for teh win

It is a terrible picture of Fyrd... I drew this back in 2012, when I was finishing my first NaNoWriMo project. I had this image of him in my head for quite some time and eventually I had to try to put it to 'paper'. The Red God, grinning widely, with those emeral gem-like eyes shining, and shadows eating his face. I did a couple of tries to get it visualised and it's still not near how I want it to be. But not going to revisit this, maybe just start from scratch later on..

I wanted his grin, wrapped in shadows, to be part of the cover for the Sympathy for the Devil novel, but it won't work out if I can't draw it right... And thenagain, the novel itself, it's not ready yet either. I still haven't figured out the kinks of the middle part. I want to follow Sugar's advice, expanding the role of my minor antagonists, so that they aren't just there for a flavor of the chapter. I hope I can make Faylon hateable enough :D In the first draft, he was just a bully to Nigel, an easy obstacle for our smart little grumperton. Now, he should show that he isn't a Seeker for nothing and Nigel constantly under-estimates him. Which actually would make Nigel more down-to-earth, now that I think about it. He isn't as infallible as he thinks.

I probably never will have the time to finish it.

I've been writing a lot though during this fall, which has kept me very busy, among other things. But writing has been related to my school work. I'm intending to graduate by the end of the year, but it might be impossible due to schedules beyond my control. But my workload has been filled with essays - on math and physics can you believe it?! - reports and above all, my thesis.

For years, I've hated writing scientific stuff. I just tend to blurt out all the facts and never reach the minimum page limits that we're given. Or I just can't figure out how to even begin. But having been forced to do it so much in such a short time period I've sorta gotten the hang of it now. It's mostly thanks to a classmate of mine who clearly has no problems writing good essays. He's helped me out a lot, nudging me in the right direction and proofreading my poor writings.

The last of my essays is nearly done now, it's just missing the intro and conclusions. And I'm only waiting for the numerical data for my thesis to finish it up. This is not to say that I'm out of tasks on my list. This same classmate - lets just call him... Sweet? He is very sweet to help me out this much after all - is constantly reminding me of graphical content I should be doing for our game project's social media feeds. We're not only classmates, we're also in the same team which we are trying to build into a indie game company. And it is a lot of work... Also why I haven't had the time to update anything on my personal social media.

So why am I now writing this? It brings me back to NaNoWriMo. After all this essay-writing, I really needed some creative outlet. I was late to join this year, and probably will not reach the 50k goal. But there is something I just really need to type out. This year, I'm not writing anything related to Nigel, or any of my old characters. This year, the novel is something very, very personal to me. Into it, I've been pouring all the frustrating memories of the last year, mixing them up with hopes, dreams and just plain fiction. It has been quite therapeutic, actually. Since those thoughts had been eating me up inside, multiplying and just rattling around without giving me any rest. Typing them out, I can vent and finally clear my head and heart. And I really have lightened my load a lot already. 7k words in the first day, 3k on the second. I can feel this darkness dwindling already, and that is why I know I won't make it to 50k. I don't really want to push it either, since I don't want to revisit them any more than necessary.

Oh, this was not a very pleasant comeback after all... But, I still have my dolls! I'm moving in the next week and it'll take a while to rearrange everything again, but then I'll really try to do more with them. I've already begun making that alpaca wig for Eiko :) Just the parting to go, and then to style it.


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