Big dolls

This story revolves around Eiko, her best friend Yuffie and her boyfriend Alex. They are all SD sized dolls.

Their story actually intertwines with my DeathGrip RPG story (where the main characters are Nigel Willoby and Emma Earnsthart).

Eiko - Volks SDGr Lorina

Dollflower Eiko

Eiko on Flickr
  • Ordered: 15.8.2011
  • Arrived/Birthday: 15.9.2011
  • Face-up: Volks default
  • Default eyes: Leeke LG-139, 18mm glass
  • Default wig: Leeke LR-092_L Maroon
  • Mods: -
  • Sex: girl
Eiko Kuroyama-Fenning is a half-Japanese-half-British normal high school girl. She’s into jpop, cosplay, BJDs and anything fun. She's very out-going, curious and always ready to try new things.

Her best friend Yuffie is always ready to offer new forms of entertainment for her and the two are practically inseparable.

Yuffie - Volks SD10 Souseiseki

New face

Yuffie on Flickr
  • Ordered: 5.2.2012
  • Arrived/Birthday: 7.2.2012
  • Face-up: Fyrd8th
  • Default eyes: Zoukeimura light blue 18mm glass
  • Default wig: Spite&Malice custom two-toned fur
  • Mods: -
  • Sex: girl
Josefina Integra Malbourne (14yr) is the youngest child of the prestigious and wealthy Londoner family of Malbournes. Her parents wish her to be more like her sweet and well-mannered older sister, Isabela Vectoria Malbourne (18yr), but Yuffie usually considers her sister to be a boring prude. She looks up to her older brother instead. The brother, Mycroft Calculus Malbourne (20yr), is shunned by the rest of the family ever since he went to jail for embezzlement. The mischievous, plotting and sometimes down right evil Yuffie however feels a deep bond to her brother. It goes without saying that Yuffie tends to be close to getting into a lot of trouble most of the time, but so far hasn't gotten caught.

The only thing Yuffie really cares for in this world is her best friend Eiko. Because of her outstanding smarts she has been able to skip a few grades and is actually in the same high school class than the 16-year-old Eiko.

Her hobbies are listening to J-rock and hanging on online forums. She likes to gather money and power and hates when people comment on her young age or her short height.

Alex - Little Monica Harmony Enrill

First of Alex

Alex on Flickr
  • Ordered: 30.7.2012
  • Arrived/Birthday: 18.9.2012
  • Face-up: Little Monica default
  • Default eyes: Enchanted Doll Milky #44/#42, #44rim 16mm
  • Default wig: Spite&Malice Copper blond fur
  • Mods: -
  • Sex: Boy
Alexander Hope lives with his aunt Sybil Hope. His mother - whose name Alex has never learned to know - abandoned them since he was very little and he has constantly heard that she had no maternal instincts. His father Sean Hope was a petty criminal who had been in jail for arson several times. When he died, Alex had just turned 16 and all he left for his son was half a medallion, shaped like a broken heart, and a debt to be paid. And this debt was to no other than the Fallen Angel Lucifer.

He has a rock band with whom he jams from time to time. He plays the guitar. He's good-looking and was a popular crush among the girls, but he never got too involved with anyone. Until he bumped into Eiko who half-coerced him to be her boyfriend. Not too much later he found that he actually liked this new relationship and has fallen much in love with her. He can't however stand her best friend Yuffie, who he considers to be the most annoying, self-entitled little brat. The feeling is mutual.

Nigel - Soom Dia male NS

I'm Back Home 4

Nigel on Flickr
  • Ordered: 8.11.2012
  • Arrived/Birthday: 13.2.2013 / 22.12 (due to his first doll version)
  • Face-up: Fyrd8th
  • Default eyes:Leeke LG-193 glass
  • Default wig: Spite&Malice long black fur
  • Mods: -
  • Sex: Boy
Nigel Willoby is the only child of a single-mother, born in Swansea, Wales. He was a child-genious who became interested in technology, coding and hacking at very yound age. His avatar/nick Vainary is very famous online and he can support himself financially quite well with his talents. His talents and curiosity for abilities outside conventional physics has gotten him into trouble several times. But he doesn't regret it, since now he is one of the very few people who can do actual magic.

Nigel is close friends with Alex's aunt Emma and knows the boy through her. He doesn't like him one bit though and the feeling is mutual. In fact, Nigel doesn't like much anyone, save for Emma and his high-school crush Audrye. He especially doesn't like Yuffie, who he knows from the hacker-circles. Yuffie on the other hand has developed quite a crush on the hacker-superstar, especially ever since she finally saw him IRL and found the man to be bloody good-looking.

Fyrd - Little Monica Demetri

Welcome Fyrd!

Fyrd on Flickr
  • Ordered: 8.3.2013
  • Arrived/Birthday: 4.4.2013 / ???
  • Face-up: Fyrd8th
  • Default eyes: ED Milky #23 16mm
  • Default wig: Spite&Malice red fur
  • Mods: on girl body, breasts sanded off
  • Sex: Boy
Fyrd is Fyrd the 8th, Lord of Chaos, The Red One, The Grinning God, The Red Evil etc. He is the eighth god of Cheshka and to his utter irritation not recognised by the other seven gods. Fyrd is the god of outcasts, gaining followers from where he can and someday he will be a true force among the celestial beings of Cheshka, even if he has to carve his way in blood.

Uusually Fyrd is seen with a carefree grin on his lips. But if he is denied something he wants, heis anger gains heat very quickly. thenagain, he also calms down pretty fast, when amends have been made. Fyrd doesn't particularly enjoy killing and bloodshed although he can see it as a necessary means to an end. He much prefers to play, seduce and just plain irritate others.

Fyrd is capable of crossing planes of existence and hence he can appear in any world. His powers however are not as strong as they are in Cheshka. Even on Earth he is still a powerful magician and loves to rub this on Nigel's face.


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