August Meetup at Helsinki

A few weeks back I attended a cafe meetup at Helsinki. I dragged Deary with me and we made a weekend of it, booking a hotel room and dedicating the other day for shopping ^-^ But on Saturday, we met up with Safir, Sarqq, Tiinyan and Tsukifly for some tasty treats at Twist cafe in Kamppi.

I took Confetti and Taffee with me. I originally was going for a completely different look for Confy. I wanted something styled around the fluffy bear ears headband, but as I rummaged through my wardrobe and picked things out, she ended up looking quite princely :D

Tiinyan's Feny styled as an artic fox and the blond smiley one is Tsukifly's

I ate my sweet brownie too fast to take a photo =_= But the selection was quite nice at Twist Cafe, I might go there again when I have another reason to go to Helsinki. But I did manage to take photos of the sweet dolls present!

Pamplemousse looking very demonic with back light...

...and just a little less demonic when turned to face the light

Confetti found herself a new fawn friend, a Lilycat Chibbi Lana who belongs to Sarqq
I mostly steer away from dolls who have their noses blushed dark (as an animal-like nose), but I saw some very cute examples of how to do it right at this meetup.

both of my own dolls this time are tan, frilly and with lilac hair :D

Pureneemos have infiltrated into every meetup, but I don't really mind ^-^

Some secrets are being whispered here

Feny power!

20170819 meetup 11 Taffee
I didn't really take photos of Taffee at the meetup, but I snapped this one at the hotel
After the meetup we went for a short shopping spree and bought some stationary supplies and tea. I recently started doing a bullet journal, and now Deary has one too, so we went a bit crazy on calligraphy pens and washi tapes :D

I went for sweet pastels, of course

I bought Pina Colada tea, because it is my favourite drink (as a virgin version, I'm not that fond of rum) and Lolita just because of the name :D
After that we got to our hotel, which exceeded my expectations, bought some snacks for the evening and started bujoing and chatting. :3

The next day we were going to a lot more shopping, but sadly some shops are closed on Sundays so we missed quite a few shops we wanted to go to. I did get to visit my favourite interior shop Kellopeli, where they sell all kinds of quirky and cute things. I bought this metal box for my random art supplies and another wooden one for face-up things. The wooden box got wrapped up, so I didn't take a photo of it.

a final photo of Confetti's prince-look, before I changed her style again
Now just waiting for the next meetup!


  1. Meet ups are always so much fun, thanks for sharing photos of yours. I love Confetti's prince look and Taffee is beautiful too!

    1. I really love going to meetups! I much refer talking o people irl than through a forum, since the atmosphere is more relaxed and free.


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