Yet Another Haul Post

Whole haul of the week
Yes I have a problem... Working on it though! I only have *one* more incoming order atm and that was mostly for replacing items that were running out! ...And we're planning one more with Deary.

But the new order is only because Cosmetic-Love added shipping costs last week to all their orders. To compensate however, they cut prices on most of their stock and some items I was wishing for but were kinda costly are now so much cheaper that I'll save tens of dollars even with the shipping added! So it is kinda a bargain, right? I'm almost putting money on the bank :P Yes, I'm turning into a shopaholic.

I just now realised I forgot to grab my Black Sugar Cleansing Oil for these photos... That one arrived with these items as well but I totally forgot it. But so far it has performed well, it washes out my makeup (even with my three layers of it plus all the eye makeup) and doesn't give me breakouts. I should advise on testing it out before purchase though, since it does contain mineral oil, which doesn't suit every skin type.

I also don't have a separate photo of the Holika Holika nose strip trio pictured above. It is so hard to photograph those packages, since they reflect light everywhere. I haven't used it yet, since my nose is currently clear of blackheads. But once things take a turn for the worse, I'll test it and post about the results.

I love-love all kinds of packs! Be it moisturising, sleeping, scrubbing, peeling... I'm doing a small spa night every other or at least third day and it would kill my skin if I used peeling pack every time (nevermind how much I love using those Black Sugar scrub masks), so I'm currently stocking up on other kinds. This one was targeted towards minimising pores with apple peel extract so I decided to give it a go.

It dries up into this very tight film that almost feels like a peel-off mask, but you are supposed to wash it off instead. I only put it on my cheeks and forehead and I looked like a snake shedding my skin before I washed it off :D Not the most relaxing pack, for sure, and I'll need a few more uses to judge on the effect.

I'm very late to buy sunscreen, but it did arrive before my holiday and the weather is only now starting to look like a true summer anyway. I chose this one for the "no shine"-promise and so far it has worked as promised. I use a fair amount all over my face, but it absorbs quickly and leaves no white cast that I can notice. I can also reapply this during the day on top of my make-up and it doesn't seem to smudge anything (but I don't use any powders, only liquid makeup). It's a very small bottle though. With the amount one is supposed to use on every day (and add every 2-3 hours) this will run out fast!

My very first ampoule!

With very ampoule-like applicator nonetheless
 Ok, I finally got the last item on the 10-step Korean routine: ampoule. Nothing to say o the effectiveness as of yet, but it feels very pro to drop some of this onto my skin at nights :P

Actually, this ampoule is the reason I'm admitting to shopaholicness. I totally forgot I had ordered this one and ordered another ampoule with my newer order! It's from the same series, but luckily I got it for a different problem. I usually take items off my Wishlist (where I keep tabs on interesting items to try later) once I purchase them, but I had forgotten this time.

I used up the small samples of this Banila Co. CC cream and liked it enough to test it some more. I'm actually liking this more than my Etude cream, so I think I'll be ordering a bigger bottle later.

pure kawaii-factor

Now, I usually don't cave for purely the cute packaging, but this one is the exception :3 This Babyface series is just too damn cute to resist! There is also a blush, but I'm not that fond of powdery blushes anymore, so I got this highlighter instead. I didn't have a highlighter in my arsenal before. It doesn't make that much of a difference, but a slight shimmer.

With my order I got these A'Pieu foundation samples. I've tested them once so far and it seems like an ok product. It is much more runny than my old Max Factory foundation, also just a tad lighter in shade. Will test out the rest too before deciding whether to let go of my market foundations as well.


  1. So many goodies!! I wonder if I should make posts about korean skin care too hahaha.
    I'm very interested in your thoughts on that ampoule you got once you have tested it further, I'm loving ampoules atm, they are my favorite step.
    So far I have a foam cleanser by missha at home, I have those same nose strips (tried one already and really liked it especially because it's not only the strip, but 3 steps), I have the first step essence by missha(the time revolution one) as well as their night repair borabit ampoule (loving t). I have an etude house eye cream that I'm not too fond of (might replace it with a belif one) and my nature republic moisturizing cream is almost gone so I'll get a klairs one. As for things that are on it's way, there's a bunch of cosrx products for sensitive and acne prone skin, a laneige lip mask and a mineral sunscreen. Not sure why I'm listing everything, but you asked in the other post hahah XD
    That highligther is so cute!!!! Wish my products came in cute packaging too, cosrx is very simple with its design.
    I also want to buy some face maks, the innisfree ones I have are great, but I was thinking on trying something a little more pricey, see how different they are. Your thoughts?

    1. No no, your list is great! I'd love to see what others have bought and tested. I've read some blogs, mostly for reviews on products I'm myself interested in. But I'd be really interested in these kinds of lists, with little thoughts on each product, because I could find new products and get intrigued.
      For eye creams, I really liked Mizon snail repair. It was very effective! And as for sheet masks, I've liked the quality of Missha's masks, although they are smaller in size.
      Funnily enough, I've been disappointed with Missha's other products... Like the Time Revolution essence that others really like. But luckily there are enough product variation that there's something for everyone :D


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