Ringflash And Other New Gimmicks

170805 Ringflash Rigel
Rigel approves, as long as he gets more camera-time

I've took upon myself to just take more photos. But I won't be trying anything too gimmicky with backdrops or posing, nor will I go for extended photoshoots. I'll just try to update something to Instagram more frequently, and then compile recent snapshots into blog posts whenever I have time for more editing.

That said, when I told myself I would "only need one good photo to post", I wanted give my ringflash another go. The photos with the flash tend to come out a bit too repetitive (for me), so it'd be perfect for one-offs. This time I used the flash when there was still natural light as well, and although it looks like the backdrop is pitch black, it is actually a somewhat well lit afternoon in our living room.

This time I left the flash on full-time, so I could adjust the shutter speed to my liking. And I like the result. The ring effect in Rigel's eyes is very cool! I think I'll need to invest in a more pro ringlight later.

170805 Ringflash Milki

I also took Milki out for some ringflash experimenting as I wanted to see how it looked on grey resin. Resin was fine, but Milki's flowy alpaca hair was quite hard to contain... I took photos of Milki on her own, but they came out kinda boring, so I had the idea to put her in the Miyadoll pouch I got with Confetti. She looks very snuggly in that pink pouch!

Above is a basic Nuu shot I took with normal settings with my Sony camera. It's a nice way to contrast to 'new' Nuu, since she just got her Frappzilla wig home ^-^

^- Before and After -v

Bonus points to whoever can indentify the man in the poster in the background :P It's my favourite poster, which my grandparents got me from an auction sale

Does anyone else remember what Nuu looked like when I first got her? She had this Yrie wig, with long twin braids down the front. So when I saw this Frappzilla wig in their newest sale, with the braids and in Nuu's colours, I had to grab it ^-^ I need to get used to the shorter hair though... And I would prefer for the braids to be longer, so I might commission a new wig for her at some point. But I'm slowly getting rid of all my fiber wigs as I really prefer the natural look of soy and alpaca.

Oh, and there's something else new in these photos ;) I finally got a new phone! My old one was running out of memory (with only 8GB, OS taking half of it, there wasn't any space for apps), so I've been looking for a new one for a while. On Valentine's suggestion I took a look at Oneplus phones and was convinced that their new model (Oneplus 5) was pretty much perfect for me. They released the gold edition last Monday so I finally got it!

Rigel and Cotton making plans for my new phone...

It surely takes much better photos than my old J5 :D Also with 64GB of memory, I could reinstall Pokemon Go and there is plenty of room left for other games ^-^ 6GB of RAM should allow for apps to run smoothly too.

Although I have to say, that the photos taken with my phone are ok for Insta, or downsized into blog photos. The quality is horrible on larger sizes... So no photobooks with these photos. But as I said, I want to just keep updating Insta more frequently, so it's perfect for that :3


  1. I should follow your example and just take some photos, but I've been so occupied with life and other stuff that I never feel like doing it.
    I really like Nuu's new look, and the photos came out great!

    1. Thank you! I think my resolve for new photos will waver once winter comes, but I'll try to keep it up as long as possible ^^

  2. I do enjoy seeing doll photos especially when how the shot was taken is explained...thank you!

    Are all the dolls wearing Frappzilla wigs? I do like the new one on Nuu, it's really pretty.

    1. Thank you! ^^
      Only Nuu has a soy wig in these photos. Rigel and Cotton have Spite&Malice faux fur wigs and Milki has an alpaca wig made by me.


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