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I hung out with Deary a while back and as we were ooh-aahing over k-beauty, she played me some k-pop. A few songs and artists stuck to my head. Later I was happy to notice that most are also available on Spotify so I started going through the bands and compiling a playlist of songs that sounded the best. One particular girl band stood out: TWICE.

So now I've been listening to their songs on repeat :D Spotify sadly only has their Japanese album, which has their five singles in Japanese. Their Korean mini albums have more songs, but thenagain the five are soo good, I don't mind :D And since there are so few of them, I can go through them all!

The songs are here in the order of release. Their first single was Like OOH-AAH with the very cutesy take on zombie-apocalypse music video. But the chorus is so damn catchy, I made it into the ringtone for my new phone ^-^

I love the song, although most of it is sung by lead vocalists Jihyu (the redhead) and Nayeon (the one who starts the song). Although since there are nine girls singing, there isn't much time to distribute among them. In this song I really liked Jihyu though, she's energetic and fun. Later her voice started to sound a bit forced in my opinion. She's a great singer, but I'm just biased to Nayeon for a more fluent and clear sound.

But their next song was the true earworm! I still hear them shouting "shut up, baby" instead of "cheer up" though... This video started to show each girl in a more unique setting, giving each of them a film that they were portraying. Nayeon got some kind of a scary movie, but luckily she rocks it as a cheerleader in the chorus! :D In this song the lines were a bit more distributed, although Jihyu and Nayeon still handled the chorus on their own.

In this song I really liked Mina (the school girl) and Sana (the cute pink one). I love their voices! Mina is like a fairy with her high, clear voice. Sana and Tzuyu (the black and white) sound very much alike, I almost can't tell them apart when not watching the video, but Sana sounds just a tad more cutesy as Tzuyu is more clear and girly. But know who has the best voice? Jeongyeon, with her slightly deeper sound!

Then we go to TT, which I first thought was some reference to Trick or Treat as the video is very Halloweeny. Apparently it refers to emoji TT for saddness and crying your eyes out. Now the TT-move is very cute and catchy!

Again, points for Nayeon (devil) ~ She's so perfect singing that bae-ba-ba-baby ^-^ I also really like Sana (superhero) in this, the part when she gets scared of the thunder is sooo cute! And finally Jeongyeon (pinocchio) gets to sing a longer part. She has the greatest voice, albeit a bit different from the usual cutesy cute nasal voices of the other girls. Visually she's not my fav though, I'm not that into hair that short (the longer bob that Chaeyoung (mermaid in this vid) has in the first two videos is super cute though).

Then if you're into something really catchy: it's Knock Knock time! I played this to Valentine and even he said it stuck to his head for days :D So listen at your own discretion, you've been warned!

I'm sad to say I didn't like Jihyu in this one at all. :( Her voice is so strained... Whereas Dahyun (redhead) really shines! Before this Chaeyoung was my favourite of the two main rappers, but Dahyun with her frail voice makes a sweet contrast to the rap that is heart-melting! Mina and Sana are very cute as well, as before. But I'll just point you to about 1:10 mark in the video, where Tzuyu steals the show with her timid play with the teddy! Gaah, she's so precious! ^-^

And their newest track is Signal. At first it sounded very different from their other songs, but once I listened to it again (and again), the middle part is very twicey. Just the start and the end are a bit weird. And the chorus choreography tops TT!

Jeongyeon get more lines, which is good (and her hair is longer, yey). And Tzuyu and Sana are in the chorus!

Ooh-Aah and Knock Knock are still my favourites, although I sometimes switch to Cheer up. I really like the uptempo beat and just being plain cute. Some other KPOP bands and artists are going for the more sexy and dark direction, but I really prefer the simply girly feel to TWICE (and Red Velvet and Lovelyz).

TWICE girls from
top: Jeongyeon, Tzuyu, Sana, Mina, Jihyu
bottom: Momo, Chaeyoung, Dahyun, Nayeon

All girls have their own fans, although I don't think there are many who can only choose one :D Myself, I really like Nayeon (for her Squirtle smile, happy attitude and amazing voice), Sana (pure cute factor) and Tzuyu (for being a bit clumsy-cute). I also like Chaeyoung for her cool rap parts although I'm warming up to Dahyun as well. And of course the delicate fairy-voice Mina ^-^

Anyone else listening to KPOP or JPOP? I'm taking suggestions on new band to listen to ^-^ Especially if someone gives me a hint on good girly JPOP music to be found on Spotify. I have a lot of Korean music atm, but I would want to mix it with Japanese, if not only because I have at least some chance of understanding Japanese :D


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