(Hopefully) The Last Haul

All the goodies
 Since Cosmetics-Love changed their shipping policy, I needed to use up the points I had accumulated and do one last order. If the postal fees didn't go up so fast, we would have made a joint order with Deary, but yeah... Way too expensive now. I ordered a bunch of sheet masks (so I don't run out of them that soon), my last resort on an essence, some packs, some handcream, a new serum on a whim... :P

Let's start with the sheet masks first. The cost on these did go down a lot with the changes at Cosmetics-Love, so I got a lot. I already tried that Etude House Lotus mask and it was quite nice. The scent wasn't as divine as in the Missha Lotus mask I tried before, but it did seem to sooth my skin down. The mask is also surprisingly thin, 0.2mm as it says on the package. However, it held a lot of serum and actually fit onto my face better because of the thinner sheet.

I've still to try the Holika Holika pomegranate sheet mask, but I expect it to be the same as my previous pomegranate masks.

And as something new, I bought my first hydrogel mask :D Look at the cute raccoon ^-^

One of the things I really wanted in this order was this soothing and hydrating wash-off mask from Skinfood's Freshmade series. Deary tested the Freshmade Apple mask and said it was very good, but since I wanted something different, I went with the watermelon.

I've tried it once now, and it was a refreshing mask to use. The gel feels more like a sorbet, since it is a bit grainy. But it isn't scrubbing in anyway! Can't say for much soothing effect though.

Since my baby penguin hand cream is running out, I needed to replace it with my second Missing You! -cream: the Panda. It is supposed to be peachy scent, but it isn't like fruity peach. Ok, I guess, but I did prefer the Penguin's baby powder.

Now I need to figure out what to do with the Penguin bottle... I'm thinking of washing it thoroughly and putting some other portable cream in it. I'll soon have a full zoo in my purse :D

I've been intrigued by tone control products for a while now and now that Missha launched these liquid correctors, I splurged on the green one. I could also have use for the rose coloured (to hide dark circles), but I already got Skinfood's Salmon eye cream concealer for that so I just got the green one now. Still to test it, I'll report back later.

Didn't I just got a green tea sleeping pack last time? Yes, I did but I have no regrets getting another one :P Also, this is by far the best sleeping pack I've tested by now.

The scent is slightly green tea, but there's something else in it too that I can't really put my finger on. It smells nice and fresh though. It's easy to apply (although there is no spatula, luckily I have a few spare ones) and absorbs well, fastest out of my current sleeping packs. But in the morning my face still feels nicely moisturized!

I assume that those white speckles are some moisture beads. They dissolve instantly when rubbed onto the skin.

I was a bit shocked when I saw that the package for my new first serum (they are also called first essences, I think) was sooo big! :D But I hadn't realised that there were cotton pads included with it...

This serum is something I got as I liked the samples from before. The consistency is mostly water, like a toner. It has a much fainter scent than my other black sugar products, but there is a hint of coke-with-lemon in there.

I've been so disappointed with my previous essence purchases, but this Aqua Grape is really holding up. ^-^ It is lightweight, so I can easily apply this before the main cream, and absorbs very well. It smells like grapes, sweet and fresh. I feel it really helps keeping my skin bouncy and moist all day. Only downside: the bottle is horrible for dispensing it =_= Just as with the sample, it is way too darn hard to get the stuff out of the bottle. I would really like to have a pump of some sort or this.

Then for something else: a cat-ear band :D These just looked too cute and it does keep my hair back better than a regular band, since it is much wider. Also, I can't really use headband for long times since they start to hurt my temples, but I have no such worries with this soft thingy.

Ok, I know samples are free and all, but I was a bit disappointed to see hat all I got was this huuuuge pile of Panda's Dream cream samples... I've already gotten these with my previous orders and I just don't really like the product that much. I have no time to really use it. And there's now enough to fill a proper bottle! Maybe that's how I'll use that penguin bottle then... :P


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