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This is my second to last order from Cosmetic-Love, I swear! (Why do I sound like a junkie...). Well, actually not all of these are from the order itself. I forgot to photograph the Black Sugar Oil Cleanse last time, and then I got some new products to use or sample from Deary.

Skinfood Black Sugar Cleansing Oil
I got this cleansing oil in the last shipment, since I ran out of my previous bottle and couldn't find a replacement from Finland at a reasonable price. I've liked all Black Sugar line products and this oil is no exception. :) It removes my makeup effectively, and is easy to wash off. The scent is sooo good! It's brown sugar mixed with some floral scents, but I instantly think of coke when I spread this on my face. I'll definitely keep using this :3

Skinfood Egg White Perfect Pore Cleansing Foam
 This one is no new thing either, as I already showed you the smaller bottle got of this. It ran out though, so I needed a new bottle. This is still the best foam cleanser I've had. It doesn't leave my skin as dry as the other products I've used and really cleans up my pores!

Holika Holika One Solution Firming ampoule

I mentioned last time that I had forgotten I had already gotten one ampoule, as  I ordered this one :D But the last one was Soothing, and this is Firming, so it's ok. Btw, I really like the soothing ampoule, it does help with irritation overnight and by morning my skin is more even. Can't say for the firming effects of this new one quite yet, although the skin on my cheeks seem just a tad more elastic.

Etude House Bubble Tea sleeping pack in Green Tea

I've had my eyes on this sleeping pack for a long time now, since it's just too cute! The reviews aren't raving, but it does fit my skin quite nicely. It works by getting a little spoonful (there's a white spoon applicator attached) of the green gel and 1-2 of those small spheres, which is then massaged onto the face. I usually only take one bubble, if any. The gel itself is moisturizing enough for me. In some reviews I've seem people burst the bubbles, but in my product the bubbles are 'solid'. They melt onto the skin, but it's not like they're berries with a more liquid inside.

The scent is faint green tea, smells quite nice and relaxing to me. It doesn't absorb right away, and my skin can feel a bit sticky even after 15mins of application. I do feel the green tea has a calming effect on my skin though, and together with the soothing ampoule, my red face can be very evenly light coloured in the morning. I'm liking this sleeping pack, maybe even more than the Banila Co Mild Berry. :)

As a caution though, this is not a sleeping pack for travel! The top is not that tight, and some product had actually spilled outside during transit. Not a lot, but the cardboard package was a bit damp on one side. I wouldn't trust this in my baggage though.

Skinfood Peach Cottom Cream
This is a bottle I got from Deary, since the cream was too light for her. It is perfect for me though, at least in the summer. So I'd recommend this to more oily skin types. Even Skinfood markets this as an anti-sebum cream.

It smells like subtle peaches, which is wonderful! Applies nicely, absorbs quickly, I have no complaints!

Banila Co. Clean It Zero
 Now onto the samples! I got this cult-favourite Clean It Zero from Deary to test it out. It works as a substitute for a cleansing oil, removing makeup quite effectively. It is easy to rub onto face, as the product is not a liquid (Banila calls it 'sherbert cleanser' :D). It feels more like a lard definitely. Works marvelously, I have no actual complaints on performance, but myself I just prefer the BS oil.

Soo Bo Ji toner + cream
 This one I got from Cosmetic-Love. Both the toner and the cream are more viscous compared to my previous products. The toner is ok for me, although I still prefer the more watery Lumene one to this. The cream is definitely not intended for my skin type. It is very rich, so maybe works best for dryer skin types. Both of these smell like beewax~♥

Etude House Moisture Cleansing Oil
And this one too was a gift from Deary. Nice combo for oils, so I was happy test it, but not convinced with the results... It did clean off my makeup, but the product is more oilier than Black Sugar oil. It took a lot more water to wash it off and the residue lingered until I washed it off with foam cleanser. Not convinced with this, sadly.


So, my last order is shipped, should arrive next week or so ^-^ I'll get the essence I've been most happy with, a new sleeping pack (yes, that makes it three...), a moisture pack (I had some justification for this too...) and then some. :D


  1. That clean zero is soo famous!! Some people say that the bleimish one must be better though.
    The bubble tea sleeping pack was so tempting for me, I almost got it once but then I read it had alcohol and the dream died lol. I have sensitive skin, my face is always red but it has calmed a bit with korean skincare. Because of that I decided to go for korean products especially made for sensitive skin, which means no fragance (and boring packages lmao), so I progrably can't try anything you have in this post XD but everything looks good, I love peach scented creams.

    1. I love the scent of Korean products, but yeah they might not be best for sensitive skin types. Cleat it zero has multiple versions, yes. If I were to purchase one for myself, I'd get the purity version too instead of this basic one. But f you don't wear heavy make-up, you might not even need it, since basic cleaning oils do the same thing.


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