Meetup in Sunny July

 It was a sunny, albeit a very windy and hence not that warm, day as I got to attend a small meetup in Helsinki. I met new people! ^-^ And new dolls that I've only admired in photos before.

These two Souldoll ladies were new acquaintances to me. Their size is quite peculiar, the height makes them look sorta-SD But their heads are tiny! :D There is a lot of character on such a small surface and these two have very nice styles. They belong to Safir and Sarqq.

Safir's, Sarqq's and my Miyadolls

I also got to see two other Miyadolls in person ^-^ I hope we got a little bit of Miyadoll-bug spreading with their cuteness. I'm especially smitten with Sarqq's lilac Tory, the colour is amazing! I would so want a lilac little one for myself as well, but for now I'll settle for a white Charlotte as well :D Just waiting for Miyadoll to rerelease that sculpt so I can put it in my cart.

Peakswood girl belongs to Tiinyan

Another lilac beauty, albeit a bit too stark a colour for me personally. She looks amazing though with that red dress! Compliments her eyes so well.

Tsukifly's Lorina
And a rare occurrence, another Volks! And a Lorina at that :3 I know there have been a few Sui-/Souseisekis in Finland, but this is the only other Lorina I know of in the country. so it was great to see her in person.

All the BJDs at the meetup
I didn't get a good photo of the little pink-purple Kitty that sits on Eiko's lap :( She's very cute though!

Purple power!

Azones and one Azoneish doll (I forgot about the company...)

These two have similar expressions ^-^

And almost all the dolls
We then took some photos of the two Lorina's. The two girls look like they are gossiping on something...

170702 meetup 13

170702 meetup 11

170702 meetup 12

And damn I'm envious of those shoes! I wanted them when they were just sold out ;__; Well, Eiko's gyuary-shoes are quite cute as well, so maybe I'll live :P


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