Fudge Woods

170526 Fudge Woods 01

Finally, some more photos of the outdoor photoshoots we did in May with Deary and Velvet. It was the first (and so far, sadly, the only) proper photoshoot I took of Taffee. She's such a darling, I hope I'll be able to take proper advantage of this summer to take more photos of her.

170526 Fudge Woods 02

170526 Fudge Woods 03

Those cutest pointy ears! *v* I'm kinda bummed that Soom only uses the elf-ears on Romantic heads. I'd really like to have an OE Beyla with the ears. And I'm a bit hesitant to mod them...

170526 Fudge Woods 04

Although I might have to mod that horn hole at some point... It's hard to keep fully hidden.

170526 Fudge Woods 05

I do love these soy wigs though, I might just need one with fuller bangs for Taf. Actually I just bought a new wig from Frappzzillas Summer Event, I'll let you see once it arrives.

170526 Fudge Woods 06

170526 Fudge Woods 07

And there she lurks in the midst of the lily-of-the-valleys. The flowers were not in bloom yet when we took the photos. And then I was too busy and they had withered before I could take more photos :(

Well, I still have more photos, of Deary's Kitty and my Confetti. And some guest appearances from Velvet's dolls ^-^


  1. Wonderful photo shoot, and lovely ears, I am quite partial to elf ears on dolls. Pity your lily of the valley was not in full bloom, they are so pretty.

    1. I'll try to catch the flowers in bloom next year :3 There are masses of lily-of-valleys in the woods nearby, I'm only imagining a sea of white flowers!


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