Finale at the Woods

170526 Confetti 04 with Kitty

Yes, I'm finally out of backlog! :D Now to just take more photos... Anyway, there's quite a lot of Confetti, who looked amazing as ever in the evening light.

170526 Kitty 01

But I also got some good shots of the dolls of Deary and Velvet :3

170526 Confetti 01

170526 Confetti 02

These two photos were taken in just a bit different places in the woods nearby but the light was completely different on them. But the eyes sparkle ~♥

170526 Confetti 03

And *v* that backlight!

170526 Confetti 05 with Kitty

Confetti and Kitty look good together. They have same shades of pink and purple on them.

170526 Confetti 06

A mass of lily-of-the-valleys give a nice saturated backdrop :3

170526 Confetti 07 with Feny

Confetti with Remy. Remy is trying to encourage Confy to cheer up a little :D

170526 Floyd 01

Floyd was remaining regal even if not sitting on a throne.

170526 Kitty 02

170526 Kitty 03

Kitty can be so expressive, amazing for a close-eyed doll.

170526 Turpentine 01

I almost missed taking photos of Turpentine. While we were heading back, I noticed this good stump that I could use to pose him on.

170526 Spark 01

And I sorta missed taking photos of this guy altogether. This photo was taken while Spark was held by Velvet. I want to take proper photos of this cutie! ^-^


  1. Lovely photos, I really like the one of Deary with the sparkling eyes, it's a great shot!


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