But First, Let Me Take A Selfie

The bunny is an essential component of any make-up set, right :P

Sorry if the song is now on repeat in your head :P I mentioned about taking before and after photos of using the Etude House Face Blur, and the thought stuck in my head so much, I did a whole shoot of my step-by-step makeup routine. If you it's not your cup of tea, I'll be posting some actual product arrivals in a few days, so come back then, ok?

This is by far the most selfies I've taken in a day... And unedited at that! (Well, cropping and colour/light balancing to give a realistic view.)

the blank canvas
My face was a mess at the start of summer, since I had skipped on my Korean routines during the school year. But a few weeks back on the wagon sorted out most of the problems. I do however, still have redness and uneven skintone, some breakouts and visible pores.

Oh, and why use ordinary pins to hold your hair back when you can have amazingly big lolita bows instead! :D I'm so getting that Etude House cat ears headband because it lifts my spirits to have something cute on my head while doing my makeup.

after CC cream
This time I used Banila Co.'s Radiant CC cream. The result is more natural than with Etude House's CC cream.

Blur that face!
Then Etude House's Face Blur. It isn't a miracle maker as you can see. It doesn't wish away the problems, but it does give a better canvas to work on.

Max Factory foundation
I do find myself using much less foundation on top of Face Blur though. I only dab it on the sides of my mouth and to the chin mostly.

extravagant blushing
 I've used to blushes here. Lumene pink blush stick to the tops of the cheekbones and Peripera cushion blush as an undertone orange in the middle. I usually go for only the pink, but this is specifically for the wig I'll be wearing. My usual (not natural) haircolour is cool pastels, so cool pink blush is the best. But the wig is a warmer shade.

brow action
I use Banila Co.'s brow pencil (that has a brush on the other end). I can't find anything like it in Finland, here the brow pencils are either black or reddish brown. This Banila pencil has a cool fudge colour, which suits me much better. I want natural looking brown, I'd feel so out of place with Insta-brows :D

enchace the eyes
 The eyeshadow is from Etude House (Raspberry chocolate combo shade), the liner a liquid from Rimmel and mascara from Maybelline. I tend to give thick liners to the dolls I faceup and it's no different for my own makeup :P

smootchy lips
And then some bright red lipstick to the center of the lips and finish it off with a pinkish lip oil (both from Lumene). I can't do gradient lips, but I'd so want to learn!

Then the true hero to blur out my pores: Photoshop filters XD

Aaand as a bonus, I actually did a similar thing with my Etude House CC cream as well, but the step-by-step photos were so inconsistent (sun fading in and out etc.) that I won't be posting them. I will however give you the final result, since I rarely manage to capture silly faces on camera without looking like an insane person. (Well, it's up to interpretation I guess...)

All the must-have faces like the lost sparrow and smootch ~♥
I prefer my lips in this previous shoot and I have no eyeshadow since I usually skip that anyway on a regular workday. It was fun doing this! XD


  1. I've been really enjoying the korean skin care I have bought in the past so last month I ordered some more too :)
    I don't wear make up but it suits you beautifully! Wish I wasn't so lazy ha XD

    1. Oh, which products have you gotten? :3 I'm still quite novice when it comes to Korean cosmetics, and I do like the skincare products much more than the makeup. So I'm always looking for new things :)

  2. Love the honesty in these photos. :) I wouldn't dare be so courageous and I must say, you have the most beautiful blue eyes.

    1. Thank you ^-^ It took me a lot of courage to post these, but then I thought, what's the worst that can happen :D I can live with it.

      For a long time I wanted some other coloured eyes, like brown, but now I've grown to like my blue eyes. They are very common in Finland and mine usually have a grey cast to them, but it can be fixed in filters to look good enough :D


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