Best of Cosmetics: Cute Animals!

Oh I've got loads of new Korean products to test out and talk about! ^-^ My friend Deary visited Korea just a while back, and I asked that she'd bring me back some goodies. But there were some products I needed asap and my order arrived a few weeks back.

My Etude House CC cream had run out and that was the main reason for this order. But Cosmetics-Love had a sale for Etude House products so I splurged on a new hand cream and a new essence. And since Tonymoly's eye stick was also on sale, I got that too.

I've wanted to try out this Wonder Pore essence for a while now. I tested it out before and it seemed like a nice product. Pores are a major concern for me atm, so I hoped for good results with this.

The essence is heavy, more like an emulsion than watery essence. Smells minty, like mouthwash or toothpaste. Feels refreshing. But I haven't seen much change in my pore size... Still, only been about two weeks, so might be too early to say for sure?

My impulse buy of the week: penguin hand cream ^-^ Etude House had four of these to choose from, and I really liked the panda one too, but this one smells like baby powder ~♥ I seem to have a slight bias to this scent... But I'll get the peach-panda next.

I was a bit worried that there was so little cream, but it is a bigger amount than I first thought. It'll last me for a month or so. The cream itself is quite easily absorbed, it's not heavy but more of an emulsion and it leaves my hands quite soft after use. Doesn't heal my bitter fingertips, but hey I wasn't expecting miracles here. Some other hand creams I've used leave this film on my skin, that feels like candle wax? Well, this one doesn't do that, which is great!

Having left the panda hand cream behind, I did buy some panda after all. This is the Tonymoly Panda's So Cool eyestick. *v* This is soo cute! I now have a little trio of cute animal packaging in my purse: this, my Tonymoly bunny mist and the penguin you just saw.

You're supposed to use this under your eyes, just painting over the eyebags with the stick. It can be worn over makeup and so far it hasn't smudged anything I've had on my face.

It feels cool and refreshing but whether it really gives more moisture on my eyes, I'm not sure. I think my eyes look less dark nowadays, but I didn't really take any proper before-after photos. Still, a cute novelty item to have in purse and give some soothing coolness to my eyes during a long day at work.

And lastly, the CC cream. This is my second bottle and I've been very happy with it. Blends well and it does fade away some of the redness on my cheeks and forehead. It is best used as a primer under a foundation, but I've used it on its own too on several occasions. Just this and some blush (from a stick) and I'm ready to go on a regular day.

Now when I have the time, I have a load of other products to give first impressions on. But I need to test some of them out first, so I have something to say between my sadly underlit photos :P


  1. Tykkään kovasti lukea näitä sun postauksia Korea-tuotteista! Itekin oon miettinyt noita Wonder Pore -sarjan tuotteita et pitäis jotain niistä testata :3 Tony Molyn eläinjutut on niiiin söpöjä, tekisi tosiaan mieli ostaa jo pelkästään söpön paketoinnin takia XD

    1. Juu en kyl yhtään kiistä, et itsekin sorrun hyvin helposti tuotteeseen paketin takia XD Oikeestaan lupaukset söpöistä paketeista oli se, mikä mut sai näihin tutustumaan. Mut onneksi mikään uber-söpö tuote ei toisaalta ole tuotteenakaan ole ollut pettymys, joten ne on sit vaan win-win? ;) Nyt mulla on ollut enemmän vaikeuksia ottaa enää epäsöpöjä tuotteita, vaikka niiitä kehuttaisiin kuinka. Esim Laneigen water sleeping pack on kuulemma todella hyvää, mut otan mieluummin riskin söpömmän pakkauksen kanssa.

      Toi Wonder Pore ei toisaalta oo mikään pettymys, mut ei se mitään ihmeitäkään oo tehnyt. Aika kovalle tuotteelle se vaan tuntuu, et en suosittele herkkäihoiselle. Mulla on nyt testissä Darkin tuomaa Skinfood Perfect Pore Egg White sarjaa, niin kerron miltä se vaikuttaa ihohuokosten parantamiseksi.

    2. Mulla on itseasiassa just testissä miniversio tosta Laneigen water sleeping maskista! So far oon tykännyt, mut toisaalta en oo mitään maailmaa mullistavaa eroa naamassa huomannut.

      Ah voi olla, ettei toi Wonder Pore sitten sopisi mulle jos vaikuttaa sille, ettei herkempi iho tykkää :/ Jään innolla odottelemaan sun mietteitä tosta Skinfoodin tuotteesta! :3


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