Taffee Lanvender, Yes!

20170524 Cool Taffee 01

Although not showcased in the last post (since I haven't yet taken final face-up photos of this), I also redid Taffee's face and now she looks like I first intended! Aww she's too cute to take my eyes off her anymore ~♥

20170524 Cool Taffee 02

Although I first fell in love with the OE Bygg, Meringue and Taffee have really won me over to the R-side. I just don't know what to do with the horn hole... Taffee won't be wearing a horn, but it seems so final to just sand off the edges and fill it with epoxy or something. I can mostly cover it with her bangs, but it is careful positioning, and you can still see it in here, peeking through.

20170524 Cool Taffee 03

The golden butterfly that's painted on her face, sadly doesn't show up that well... At least in indirect light. The golden eyeliner she has does gleam in sunlight though, looks very unique.

I got some more photos of her outdoors, but I have sooo many photos from that photoshoot (went out with Deary and Spica), so it might be a while until I get around to edit them.


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