Pink Bunny Spoiling the Drama

170522 Pink Rabbit Mood 01

I'd bee eyeing this pink Littlest Pet Shop bunny in our local shop for a while, and had to buy it in the end, since comoon look at that thing! It looks so much like me! Or like something I'd own. Actually, my hair is kinda this peach-mint combo, so yeah, it looks like me :P

170522 Pink Rabbit Mood 02

I wanted to take some photos with it (so it wouldn't be a totally random purchase) and grabbed Milki as my accomplice. I just took some random poses, dropping the bunny around. And then in the end, the photoshoot looked like Milki was trying to make these angsty, artsy poses, and then the bunny came along to spoil the mood in the set XD

170522 Pink Rabbit Mood 03
"Oh, woe is me..."

170522 Pink Rabbit Mood 04
*zing* "Hey, watcha doing?"

Can't be so melodramatic with a pink bunny hopping around XD

170522 Pink Rabbit Mood 05

170522 Pink Rabbit Mood 06

Don't worry, Milki still became friends with the bunny ;)


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