Big Boys' Day Out

170526 Outdoors Fyrd 02
Yes, it's me-time again! Bwahaha!

As I mentioned before, Deary and Velvet were here the other day (week...) and we took some of our dolls out for some photography time. There are quite a lot of photos, so I'm editing them in batches. First up are the big boys Fyrd and Renate who belongs to Deary.

170526 Outdoors Renate 01
Renate looks so calm in the woods. :)

We went for a small hike to the forest near our house and found some nice photo spots ^-^ And it was good to go with a friend, since we could make sure that our dolls wouldn't fall on their precious faces.

170526 Outdoors Fyrd 01

When me and Deary first went out, sun was still up high and my photos got quite burned. I salvaged what I could.

170526 Outdoors Renate 02

And Ren's complexion is quite hard to photograph right. He is sooo pale! And reflects the green of the forest, making him look very sickly unless photoshopped.

170526 Outdoors Fyrd 03

But Fyrd is in his element outdoors! His bright red hair is such a nice contrast to green leaves.

170526 Outdoors Fyrd 04
Everything the light touches... shall be mine!

Oh, Fyrd... =_=

170526 Outdoors Fyrd 05

There's also this very beautiful path surrounded by birches, almost tunnel-like, that I've had my eye on as a photo-op for a while now. It took several minutes of minute fiddling, but I managed to make Fyrd stand on his own, even on heels! Wind destroyed his hair though :P

Also, you can see how my lense makes a very fun effect with the bokeh blur.

170526 Outdoors Renate 04

We gave up on making Ren stand on his own, so he leans on a tree... Even that took some time and effort.

170526 Outdoors Renate 05

And as a bonus picture: behind-the-scenes how to usually make a Dollshe stand XD

Poor Ren and his legs =o=

I have many photos of little dolls, including Taffee coming soon, so stay tuned ^-^


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