Aesthetics of May 2017

170520 Soom Necy surprise tawny full

Although I've been super busy with school, I still had time to do a few commissions for a friend. Well, one big commission and then a sort of a surprise face-up commission :D

This german shepard puppy sure is surprised too!

170520 Soom Necy surprise tawny

This little cutie pie arrived along with Taffee. Once we saw that Soom was offering tawny resin for our favourite sculpts, Spica and I had to get them! So I got my tan Bygg and she got herself a new Necy surprise. She had plans to make it into a german shepard puppy for the start and I was psyched to do this quite complicated commission for her ^-^

Balancing between too-fantasy and too-plain was a trick on its own, but we are both satisfied with the end result. I've never done blushing like this, so it was a bit nerv-wrecking, but it turned out looking cool. I mimicked some facial patterns seen on these puppies, even blushing along the nose. But the mouth was kept more human.

170520 Soom Necy surprise tawny back paws

Paws got the same colour scheme, but I didn't go as dark as with the face-up. And for an extra, I drew a little heart on one of the soles, since I thought Spica might just like that sort of thing. I was right! ^-^

170520 Soom Necy surprise tawny ears tail

170520 Soom Necy surprise tawny front paws

And then for the other commission!

170530 SQLabs Chibi Tsubaki

As Spica came to pick up her Necy, we spent some time with Deary, I told them about my plans to sell some of my dolls (to make room for some new ones :P) As soon as I mentioned selling Random, Spica almost stiffened up and by the end of the night she had bought Random and commissioned a new face-up for her :3

I'm still a bit bummed about letting go of that gorgeous SQLabs chibi body, but I just didn't do enough with her and I know that Spica can give her a better home. Now that I have Confetti, I want to have a Random that would look nice next to her. So I'm getting a white Charlotte from Miyadoll as soon as they open up shop again! ^-^ Very excited about getting Random 2.0!


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