White Fluffball

20170503 white fluffball 01

I seem to be taking photos of only Confetti atm :D

But I changed her clothes and wanted tp share her cuteness!

20170503 white fluffball 02

She borrowed the dress for Cottoncandy, who btw looks funny in Confy's sparkle pink oversize shirt XD

20170503 white fluffball 03

It was also nice to use a darker backdrop for once.

20170503 white fluffball 04

I mentioned her cute profile, didn't I? I don't take that many profile shots of my dolls though, but now I wanted to show what I mean by the cute nose ~♥

20170503 eighties headband

And as a bonus, I also tried a sparkly headband on her. She's looking more and more like a gal from the 80's XD This headband is just a ribbon tied behind her head though, I should make it into a proper band with elastic.


  1. Gorgeous photos!!! she's too precious~ Happy mother's day!

    1. Happy belated Mother's Day to you as well ^-^

      It is sooo easy to take photoxs of Confetti~♥ This sculpt was truly a hidden gem!


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