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20170501 Reinstudio eyes 03

I've been on a roll with these Instagram lotteries lately :D Not only did I win Confetti, but I also won two pairs of urethane eyes from Reinstudio. They arrived a few weeks back. I tried the other pair on Random, since the colours seemed to suit her the best. And yes, they work well for her. ^-^

20170501 Reinstudio eyes 02

These eyes have a tourquoise base with gloden flakes/glitter. No pupils and they look very unnatural, but it works for my android girl ^-^

20170501 Reinstudio eyes 01

The other pair was clockwork/steampunk themed and the moment I saw them in the lottery photo, I knew they'd be gifted to Deary. Her Turpentine uses eyes like these, but his current eyes don't really show the gears at all. I thought that she could try out the Reinstudio ones if they'd be better. It appears that actually Deary used the eyes for Pamplemousse, but he looks nice with them as well! XD


  1. Congratulations on the eyes it looks very unique and pretty! It actually kinda reminds me of Oscar Doll Eyes. Haha, wished I can have more luck like you so I can win something too!

    1. Yes they have the all-over-glitter feel of Oscar eyes. Although personally I feel than Marison's eyes look more like Oscars. I'm happy I finally have some dolls who can use glitter eyes! I've always wanted some but they haven't fit my dolls until now ^-^ Also, because there are more people making them, they are easier to acquire


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