Taffee Lavender - Not

I got some week back a few very nice packets home ^-^ My tans arrived! Taffee won the race by a few days, so I'll post about her first.

Oh, the sight of a Bygg never gets old... The R.Head looks so spunky blank, but since I already have Meringue as the household spunky princess, I had something else in mind for Taffee. I had had in mind that she'd wear all-white, but that was quickly tossed as  I put these spare clothes on her as well as this impulse wig from Frappzilla. The purple looks so damn good on tan! It even resolved my naming issues I had with her, and now her full name is Taffee Lavender Cupcake!

I actually took progress photos of her face-up this time. I wanted to try something a bit new with her lips, accenting the outer rim instead of the usual puckered-rose-look I go for. I also went with freckles, since I don't have a freckled doll yet. So far, it all looked quite ok.

side view of the first stage of face-up
Then I wanted to do something different with her eyeliner and this is where this went wary. I wanted to try to do a Dollfie Dreamish sort of eyeliner, where there are more drawn lashes in both the inner and outer corners of the upper lid. Well, it looks kinda ok, but you'll see it in a minute...

I also wished to give Taffee some golden accents to her face, and painted this leafy-butterflyish-thingy on the corner of one eye. This actually looks kinda cool and I want to do a better version on her next face-up (which I will be doing shortly, you'll see why).

This is what it all looked finished. XD I'm not saying it's bad as such (not my best and cleanest work by far though), but it's just not al all what I want Taf to look like! I envisioned this foresty sage-like creature and I got a mall-brat who got access to her mother's makeup kit XD

I'll redo this once I finish one very interesting commission I got here. I'll downplay it a lot, making lips and eyes more natural. I'll keep the gold and maybe even give some golden sparkles to her instead/on top of her freckles. I might use a darker eyeshadow though, since I see this vast canvas  that is her upper lids (I can see the appeal of romantic eyes as a face-upper).

Next up, the dolls that did turn out just as I wanted! Stay tuned! (Like, a few hours from now, since I now have window of opportunity to go through all the pics I've taken lately...)


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