Sparkle Face-up

Confetti is home 01
Finished Confetti sitting on her pretty Miyadoll box

So for Confetti's face-up I had a vision of a surprised look with lots and lots of silver sparkles on it. Sort of like silver freckles, although I did think about getting actual silver glitter at some point. That might have been a bit overboard, so I'm happy with my decision and end result. Actually, I'm very happily surprised how good it looks in the end, seeing as 'glitter doll face with silver shot all over it' sounds a lot like a premise for eye-poison XD

I started face-upping Confetti at the same time as I was working on Taffee. Maybe out of  laziness (I want to say that it was because of the similar base resin colour) I used pretty much the same shades on both :D Maybe I went a bit colder on Confy, but it doesn't really show...

I started out soft and pinkish though. I didn't want to put any purple to her brows, altohugh she has a purple wig. I want the option of changing the wig later on :D

First layers of face-up

Only gloss needed
Her contours were quite easy to paint. :3 It was easy to give those chubby cheeks some 3D-look. I needed to reign myself in with those large eyes, as I didn't want to go all panda with the eye-shadow. The silver speckles turned out nice! (Although I did miss that one had landed in her mouth...)

I actually used cool lavender to highlight the lips and dark cobolt blue in the outer corner of the eyes and even at the very top of her lip. But none of that shows! :D The tan just eats all the vibrant colours that would look garish on a white skin doll. I still got some shading done, so I'm pleased anyway.

Funnily, I used the same technique with Confetti's lips as I did with Taffee. Ok, I used way more red with Taf, and more cooler highlights with Confy, but still it amazes me how it looks so nice here, but just wrong on Taf... Well, this was the second one, so practice has made me better so soon? ;)

Confetti Surprised 01

And here she is, all put together ^-^ I also dug up an old shirt I made for Manna back in the day (so a tight slim mini top fits loosely on the LittleMocha body) and it suits her so well! I want to cover her in all kinds of holo/sparkle/pastel-decora thingies. So if you know of any resources, lemme know!

Confetti Surprised 02

You know, I thought that Poppy couldn't look anything but deer-in-headlights, but hey, camera-angles cannot be underestimated :P

Other thoughts on this doll:
- I love posing! The joints are tight and after the loosely swirling dolls I've had, this body first feeled a bit gimmicky, but once you lock a joint into a position, it'll hold!
- it can tilt its head! This cannot be underestimated, I hate that most of my dolls can't look anyway but straight forward...
- colour is very nice ~♥ Itactually looks more reddish brown irl, but in unnatural light and in photos it turns to this nice suntan. The reddish is still cute (and this is coming from me, who doesn't really cope with too reddish tans) though.
- very doe-eyed look that I fist thought was a bit one-dimensional, but I just need to experiment some more. And hey, looking at my dolls, you know I actually really like doe-eyed ;)
- Poppy's nose bridge is a bit too narrow or sharpish for my tastes (in small dolls), but the profile is divine :3 And this is kinda I love Hippu from the front, don't like the profile, just the other way around X3
- looove the mouth and those teeth! I have a weakness for teeth and I know I would love this from the promo pics.
- the hands are removable, so it is easy to put on shirts and to swtich to other hands (which I now have plenty of)

All in all, she's becoming one of my current favourites ^-^ (Yes, might be the new-doll-euphoria, but she's sooo cute!) I really would like to get her a friend from Miyadoll. At least if Jiwon releases Charlotte in that pale purple, I'm doomed X3

I'm sorta wanting to upgrade my Teenies into this taller size, but I love their heads too much (there is no alternative to Bygg!) :( I might have to try to see if I could hybridize, but resin matching would be hell considering how my dolls have aged and yellowed...

Well, I still have a lot to post about, but running out of time now :( I'll try to dump the next couple of posts soon though!


  1. Oh a new blog lay-out! Refreshing! :)
    I still like the sparkle-splatter face-up very much. Makes me want to get a little rave-fashion inspired boy doll to whom a sparkle-splatter face-up would fit. x3

    1. Thanks for noticing the change ^-^ I was just casually writing up new post and then Blogger threw a notice at me about these new free themes. I figured the old one was a bit passé in layout so after a bit of struggle with the banner (it still doesn't scale perfectly, but nevermind) I swtiched it to this sleeker look.

      And I'm still waiting for you to get a boy friend for Random (Gene!), I'll be glad that Confetti might also get someone her own size to play with ^-^ And if you'd let me have the honours of doing some splatter for you, I'd certainly be delighted to do so! It was very fun to do ^-^ (And if Dark might get this body for her boy head too, then we would really have a gang of dolls!)

  2. I love the face u, it suits the sculpt so well!! And glitter? YES please! Well, silver XD! but it almost looks like glitter :) !
    I'd love to see this body next to your teenie gems, I still think a tan miyadoll boy is the best option for a child version of Lucas, and if he can be taller than my other tinies, that's better. Though I hate having trouble finding clothes .
    In any case, you are super talented, loved everything you have done.

    1. I'll try to get a photo of Confetti next to a Teenie. She's definitely a lot taller than them. But sorta looks like a big sister. As in, if Teenies were 6-year-olds, then Confy would be around 13?

      And I'm really liking my decision to go with silver freckles instead of actual silver glitter. The silver paint is more subtle, and only shows in certain light, which is nice since I have more control over it. Glitter sometimes catches light way too harshly...


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