Some More Random Photos (but not of Random)

Harleys Crew

Ok, so these have been long due... I have been way too busy with school projects (and Fire Emblem Heroes *cough*) to edit these, but now that our demo is getting along nicely and I've finished with my tasks in web-development, I finally had the opportunity to show some snapshots I've taken these couple of months.

Up there is Harley Quinn, the girl for my Joker-Nendo. She's the Suicide Squad version and although the movie was mostly crap (good music though!), it did give us a very interesting new design for the crazy girl. The new design for the Joker though... let's not go there. I'll go with the Dark Night version as the animation series doesn't have a Joker-Nendo yet.

My Rainbow Alpacasso Floppy also wanted to be in the photo

I realised I hadn't taken any photos of Milki in ages! She needs proper photos though... Btw she's the favourite doll of my son, since he's allowed to hold her every once in a while and pat her fluffy head. He asks for her by asking for 'the black doll', so I think she might have gained his preference by being easily distinguishable from the others.

20170319 Princess Meringue 03

And last but definitely not least: Meringue! These are rest of the photos I took when she stole got her own Frappzilla wig. My opal-haired little princess ~♥

20170319 Princess Meringue 04

Aaand here you see the glare that this pair of chrystal eyes has (this is also from Marison btw, so the brand alone doesn't guarantee non-glare). But for Meringue, glare is kinda... her thing :P

20170319 Princess Meringue 05

Little marshmellow tail that I haven't shown that many times ^-^ Oh, Marshmellow would be a very nice name for some future doll! Again, for some pink/blue doll. Like I don't already have enough of those :P But hey, a blue Bygg..? With pink blush..? Can't you just see it already?


  1. A blue Bygg with pink blushing would be amazing I agree!!!
    Love the photos, Meringue is such a favorite! "Black doll" is cool but I like pink and blue :P

    1. Yes I think that a blue/pink Beyla will be my next goal ^-^ Now that the tan Bygg is achieved, I gotta have a new goal, right? :D


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