Random Portraits Were Long Due

Random Feb17 portrait 02

Random has really needed some proper portraits taken of her since I got her, but I haven't had much time or inspiration to do so. And once I got at least some photos taken, I didn't have time or inspiration to edit them until now.

Random Feb17 portrait 01

Turns out, February is not the best time to take photos =_=

Random Apr17 portrait 01

Doesn't get much better in April though :D I'm so damn rusty on my photography... =_=

Random Apr17 portrait 02

But I do kinda like the getup Random currently has.

Random Apr17 portrait 03

With or without the eyepatch. :P I do still want to get her some new clothes though, she deserves some proper moe-clothing.

I did better photographing on Confetti though, so they are up next!


  1. Aww she's pretty!! Love that dress!

    1. Thank you! ^-^ the dress is a mashup of a few Lenivka dresses. I really like how I can use separate pieces to make several coordinates.

  2. Poor little kitty! ;w; I just want to hug her! She's just too cute!


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