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170418 making alpaca wig

So I wanted to give Confetti another wig to alternate with. I still have quite a lot of blond, pink and lavender alpaca fiber and they were the perfect colours for Confy ^-^

After all the hairs had been glued on the wig, it looked a bit... strange XD

Truth be told, it looked terrible after the cut too. I had 'straightened' the fibers by brushing through them in water and letting them dry and when cut into a long bob with straight bangs, it looked like a horrible attempt at a Lady Gaga (Monster years) wig.

But I recurled it, by rolling strands of hair over a paint brush handle and wetting them. It didn't take long for them to dry out again, and then I had the lovely surfer curls I wanted :3

I'll need to readjust the curls evey once in a while though, since the gentlest of brushing will make it too poofy again.

But it looks cute enough for now ^-^

Gosh I had forgotten how fun (although stressy) making alpaca wigs was. It is quite simple once I get into it, but it always takes so long to actually start making one. And my worflow for making them is so haphazard, I can never really tell what the end result will be until they are finished (hence, never making them as commissions). I just glue the strands everyway that feels right at the moment and I make up my mind whether to have bangs or sideswept halfway through the wig. :P

Still I need to get rid of the rest of my fiber somehow, so I assume my dolls are still going to get more pastel puff wigs in the future ;) Like a long all pink/purple wig for Confetti... Or black/pink for Milki... I really want some nice mint fibers too!


  1. You're so very talented! I'd clue myself to the table if I tried to make any wigs :P I love how soft and natural the curls look, they fit Confetti very well in my opinion. ^_^
    And oh yes, mint fiber! It would be awesome to see what you'd make of them! Maybe pairing the mint colored fibers with light colors -like the blond and lavender you used in this wig? Or black/mint would be cool too! Almost endless possibilities! ^w^

    1. Oh wig-making is not too hard, I'm sure you could do it too ^-^ I'm using a brush to apply the glue so it's quite neat. The only really troublesome thing is making the parting while avoiding visible glue.
      And yes, there are endless variations on doing pastel wigs! I might need to get really blond (like white) fiber too though.

  2. Love the combination of these colours, it looks great! I tend to purchase my wigs as I cannot stand glue on my fingers, but admire anyone who has the patience to make their own.


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