Easterish Minimeet

My dolls at the minimeet
Last week we had a nice get-together with Spica and Dark. Near enough to easter to be a easter meetup? At least we ate some chocolate eggs ^-^ Here are the dolls I took with me: Confetti and  Taffee because they were new, Random because I wanted to try some clothes on her and Nuu because it has been ages since I last took her with me anywhere.

Dark's Turpentine (R.Bygg Grey)

I'm kinda bummed I didn't take Meringue with me, since she would have had so many uncorn buddies! One of them is my favourite: Turpentine, who just got his own real horn! ^-^ You see, when Dark bought her Bygg second hand she didn't get a horn to go with him. But I knew I wouldn't need the horn that came with Taffee, so Turpy could have it. (And as a bonus, since I got a tan Bygg, I got the transparent black horn, which looks amazing on the grey Bygg.)

Four very different R.Byggs/Beylas, from left: Spica's Floyd, Dark's Turpentine, my Taffee and Spica's Beyla
Taffee kinda stands out being unhooved and unhorned... ;) Funny detail though, the horn that Turpy now has is much more opaquely black (still slightly see-through though), whereas the original grey Bygg horn is much more grey (can be seen on Floyd there).

Anyway, I love this sculpt to bits, whether it is  the OE or the R version ^-^ I'm so happy I now have it in four colours. And of course I'm so happy to see the Byggs and Beylas of all my friends! Just waiting for Soom to release a pale blue one now... :P

Dark's Pamplemousse (R.Glati)
Dark's Pample being as sassy as always (we tried to avoid any accidental Pample flashes this time :P)

Confetti found a new friend in a gigantic Alpacasso

And Random found a soulmate in Turpy
Random and Turpentine were the odd-but-works-couple of the evening. They kept each other company and looked hopelessly lost together. I also love how the colours in Turpentine's face-up match the accents in Randoms clothes!

Random got to test out some Pureneemo clothes from Spica, since by measurements I thought they might fit. And they did! At least tops did (and skirts are the easier thing to make myself), when stretchy. And Spica only had M-sized clothes, so if I get L, they are even more likely to fit. So now I'm trying so hard not to go to see what Pureneemo clothes are available, since I really can't afford any right this moment.

Spica's Lucky and Ayato
These two look too good to be true together. Their colour schemes just match up perfectly! (Uuh, a blue Ai would also be quite nice :3 And where the heck is that Dark Ai we've been waiting for??)

Spica's Nio and my Nuu, two very cute OE Ais
Nio and Nuu seem to be waiting for a new friend of their own? :D

I had fun, we talked 'till way late! Let's meet up soon again, girls! ^-^


  1. Looks like it was a nice meet up! lovely dolls everywhere :) !
    Happy easter!

  2. You took very pretty pics even in such demanding lighting conditions! Haha, I love that one of Confetti with the alpaca! :D

    Ooo I didn't even notice before that Ayato and Lucky match so well! I'll have to photograph these two together sometime. Good eye there! :)

    1. Yeah I've always had the feeling that Lucky and Ayato share a theme. Both with that black-white-blue :)

      Aaand... '^-^ Tje photos weren't that good actually. I had to use a looot of Photoshop to get something presentable. But I'm glad I still managed to get something!


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