Confetti All around

Frontlit Confetti

It is actually so easy to photograph this pretty thing! ^-^ And did you notice that I put purple lashes on her?

Backlit Confetti

It really surprised me that her freckles show up even she's backlit!

Confetti All Around

Whereas bight light shows the contrasts that tan resin can have.

Oh btw I looove these Marison eyes. They reflect just the right amount of light without giving a nasty glare that some of my glitter eyes have. It's just a very pleasant amount of glimmer ^-^

Sulky Confetti-o

And because the eyes are so light, they show up even from these weird angles that would make most of my eyes pitch black. I hope to take even better photos of the eyes later (with a ring), to show the pretty subtle shades they have.

This sulky photo of Confetti is starting to become one of my favourites btw, like she's moping because the party's over...

I'm currently making her a new wig, the cap is drying. Hopefully I'll be able to glue on the strands of alpaca this week though and show a really poofy-haired blond Confetti to you!


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