A Surprise Confetti-O!

Yes, so the other doll I just got home was this one: Miyadoll Poppy in Milktea skin ^-^ As a total surprise I won her head in an Insta-raffle and I chose the Open-eyed version in tan. I also requested to buy a LittleMocha body for her, since I'm really liking the longer, bobble-headed look that Random has.

As per the means I got her, I named her Confetti Surprise!

Miyadoll box

I've seen photos of Miyadoll box before as Sarqq and Safir have also gotten some lovely tiny ones from Miya, but it was still a delight to get my own pretty pink box! Although I just put the boxes into storage, the packaging is still quite important to me. I don't thrown them away!

Pile of gifts

There were sooo many gifts in there O.O I'm so used to just getting exactly what I ordered and nothing more, so this was very heart-warming. There were also some candies, but they got eaten before photos could be taken... :P

I smiled so widely when I saw these fist hands. Those who know my tatses know how much I looove cute fist hands. Little did I know...

That I also got two other pairs of gift hands. And! One pair is my absolute favourite! The loose fist hands ~♥ (Mentally, I call them minifee-hands, since I first saw this kind of finger positioning on some minifee.)

The mummy!

Right out of the box
She was quite delightful even blank ^-^ Poppy sculpt is very wide-eyed, baby-faced sculpt. She looks surprised to be here, fitting her name XD

But she was so easy to put together. I just put on her Marison eyes (perfect for her!), threw on some of my old Teenie clothes that no one else uses (perfect for her!) and snapped my last Frappzilla wig on her (I was sceptic of the fit, but, perfect!). She instantly started to look like the Confetti I envisioned.

Oh, and see that nice pink star necklace? It was another gift from Miyadoll, and it suits her perfectly! I have quite a lot of dolls who have 'signature' necklaces, and now Confy has her own ^-^

Next up are some feels of playing with her for a few days, as well as her face-up and proper photos (also not some proper photos I took at our mini-meet).


  1. Congrats! Miyadoll makes amazing dolls!

    1. Yeah they are quite up my alley ^-^ I hope more people get into them though, I'd love to see what other customisations people would come up with for them :3


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