Pastels and Sparkles

It occurred to me that since I have some dolls incoming, I probably should get them some wigs and eyes as well, so thay won't be totally blank! :D I woke a little late on the eyes, but actually got everything home on time, so I'm just waiting on the dolls now.

I have admired Frappzilla wigs on Insta/Flickr/Facebook for some time now, but their sales were too erratic for me to buy any. Finally last December they were having an event where they were releasing a few wigs each day until Yule They sold out fast! I missed some of my favourite wigs, but bought two purple toned ones for my little ones. And after Yule, I was pleasantly surprised that they held a preorder with my favourite blend available: opal! Because of the preorder wig, it took a few months to get the wigs home, but hey, it's not like I had an immediate need for them, so I could wait.

They arrived perfectly packed with the most innovative wig holders I have ever seen :D I couldn't get the wigs back into them though, so I had to toss them out.

The soy fiber was indeed as soft and easily 'crunched' as I've heard. They look very natural on dolls, like the best love-child of high-end faux fur and alpaca. They are less poofy (at least on tiny dolls) than fur, but shorter than alpaca.

Now the trick was to get them onto my dolls... I knew that these were hard-capped and was prepared that they might not fit my dolls at all. And yes, that purple-blend is too small for any of my dolls :( If it doesn't fit either of the incomers either, it'll go for sale. It was modelled on a LittleFee, so it's just a matter of a few millimeters.

As for the other two, it was tricky snapping them onto the doll's head so that it came down enough at the front. I actually broke the opal one today when I was playing with Meringue, as the hard cap snapped at the back when I was forcing it on her. But the break actually made the wig easier to use. :D There is now some elasticity and I can use a silicone cap inside it so that it doesn't fall off.

20170317 Frapzilla wigs opening Cotton 01

20170317 Frapzilla wigs opening Cotton 02

I thought that Cottom might actually be a candidate to use this purple-blond wig, seeing as I first imagined her to be a bit of a pastel-goth and all... But nope, can't picture her in anything but white-pink anymore =_= She looks fine with the wig, but she just isn't Cots anymore.

I love the Asleep cut though! It has these longer strands framing the face and is a bit shorter in the back. I also prefer the straight parting of the wig to the zig-zag side part of the other long cut wigs, but that's just me really liking bangs in general :D

20170317 Frapzilla wigs opening Cotton 03

Here she's showing off the opal wig, since my other model had a horn which kinda obstructed that side-swept bang. The opal colour is just plain gorgeous! The soft pastel straks scattered among the honey blond looks very complimentary on any of my lighter coloured dolls (which there are no shortage of...).

20170317 Frapzilla wigs opening Meringue 01

20170317 Frapzilla wigs opening Meringue 02

But the opal really did justice on Meringue ♥

20170317 Frapzilla wigs opening Meringue 03

The streaks bring out all the right shades of pink, blue and purple that she has on her face-up!

Then for the eyes. At first I was thinking about getting some more Dollbakery eyes, but once they opened up another preorder, the colours I wanted for my big dolls were temporarily benched. And none of the colours were perfect for the little ones that were coming home. (Mostly because I am not still sure what to get them...) I maybe should have gotten a pair of the confetti eyes, but without a group order I didn't want to pay for the shipping just for one pair of eyes. (Yes, I have silly reasoning behing my doll purchases sometimes...)

In the end I went to see what Marison Makeup had to offer since I've seen some other doll hobbyists (Sarqq at least) get eyes from them. Marison offers sparkly chrystal eyes (and animatic style eyes, which I might get later for Random) which seemed like a good option for Confetti and a possibility for Taffee.

The eyes I got were Unicorn (the light blue-purple) and From Yesterday (gold). I bought them through Etsy and although it was stated that shipping was in 1-3 business days, I had mentally prepared for a two-month wait like with other resin eyes. But to my surprise these actually were ready-made and came home fast! The unicorn eyes are in reserve for Confetti (the Miyadoll Poppy tan), but I tried the golden ones on Meringue, since the gold flakes seemed to go with her carousel horse theme (I'm thinking flaking gold leafing here).

20170319 Princess Meringue 02

20170319 Princess Meringue 01

They are perfect for her! (Even positioned all wonky like in here XD) The amber ones were ok, but they looked a bit too orangey for her overall look. These eyes are light enough so that they show up in her narrow sockets, but the chrystal iris shows up enough to make her look lively. I actually took a lot more photos of her, but it's too late to edit them today so they'll end up in my pile of To-Do with a lot of other BJD photos... But enough to say that I love my Meringue even more atm ^-^


  1. Oh wow you got some amazing wigs and eyes!!! And Meringue looks better than ever, who would have thought she could look better?!

    1. Meringue looks so amazing that I'm kicking myself for saying no to fantasy dolls for so long! :D Aesthetically she's my favourite doll, and she doesn't even have an outfit yet that truly complies to my original idea. The hooves are still clonky (she kicks like there's no tomorrow), but I still find myself picking her up from the shelf more often than the others. ^-^

  2. Frapzillan peruukit on kyllä niin ihania. Omistin hetken aikaa yhden muttei se ollutkaan sopiva nukkeni tyyliin mutta toivottavasti joskus myöhemmin saisin sieltä sopivan peruukin jollekkin nukelle. :3

    1. Kunhan Frappzilla aloittaa kunnolla tasaisten preordereiden pitämisen, niin sieltä saa kyllä kaikenlaista ihanaa ^-^ Haluan päivittää melkeinpä kaikkien isojeni peruukit näihin soijaperuukkeihin. Ainoastaan Eiko vaatii alpakkaa, koska kasvikuiduista ei vain saa tarpeeksi pitkää...


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