Winter Lights

20161212 Yule Lights with Fyrd 01

I achieved a new Photoshop level up after learning about Raw Camera Filters :D These photos weren't nearly as nice right out of the camera. But they are pictures, at least!

I put on our yule decorations, you mgiht see a glipse of my tree in the background there. This year I put on the red lights I got from my mum last year and decorated with every red/green ornament I had, adding white/silver balls to fill it up.

20161212 Yule with Fyrd 02

I got messaged on DoA by this amazingly nice person who seems to be new to dolls and wanted to know more about Little Monica dolls. They really liked what I had done with Fyrd and especially Alex. So although I kinda wanted to make Nigel all x-massy for laughs, I chose to photograph Fyrd instead. And heck, he looks nice, fitting in with my theme for this year. :P

I also put some 'new' clothes on him. Since he doesn't really feel cold, he actually has a sleeveless shirt that I got in my last Taobao order. It is his to keep now, mainly because it barely fits him with his flat chest. No way is it going to stretch on Yuffie or Eiko! He is borrowing Eiko's jacket though, for that warm fuzzy look.

And I've misplaced Fyrd's red ribbon somewhere =_= Can't find it anywhere! He is using this Hoshino rose for the time being, but I really have to find it soon.

20161212 Yule Lights with Meringue 01

Meringue is apparently always chosen for photos with out-of-the-ordinary lighting situations... She just looks so in place with it. My little fairy unicorn princess ~♥

20161212 Yule Lights with Meringue 02

I really love these lights I bought last year. They are actually shaped like little snowflakes and the light is very cool. They also work on batteries, which is great for portability! I might take them with me to our next meet-up.

20161212 Yule lights with Nendo

...I seriously forgot the name of this Nendo! XD She is amazingly cute though and a bright smiling finish to my winter lights photos.

This was my last holiday (out of the whole two days I had free this semester) of the year, tomorrow I'll be going back to work. My exams went well, I'm getting mostly 5/5 of my courses, only my Physics Labs course might not have gone as well, since they asked about the very things I was unsure about in the exam. But I think our group did well in the actual laboratory works, so I'm hoping for a 4, settling for a 3. :) Funny how the labs always freak me out, I'm much better with the theory part. I actually had ensured my 5 before the final exam (there were three exams all worth 20pts each and you also got points for the homeworks worth 60pts, I didn't need the last 20pts from the third exam to get the highest grade as it only needed 80% of total), but still got 18/20 out of it :D Physics has always been my least favourite science subject, so I'm calling this a feat! :3


  1. Wonderful pictures! *3* I'm happy to see Fyrd again and that white coat looks so good on him. Meringue's fairytale-like looks get amplified with the Christmas lights, so pretty! <3 We should get a unicorn-get together and photoshoot with Darky sometime.

    Glad to hear your studies are going well! :)

    1. Ooh, a unicorn get-together is a definite must! Meringue would look so nice with Turpentine and your Beyla (does she have a name? I don't remember =_=) How about this upcoming weekend? :3

  2. Love those lights!! I got ones with snowflake shape this year but are much bigger and probably won't work as nice as this!

    1. You could still try them out! ^-^ I had to get small lights, since my tree is also a miniature :d It is so hard to leave all those nice big decoratino balls to the stores, but I have to only get very small ones or they'd top my tree down :D


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