This is Halloween!

20161105 Halloween 15 Turpentine

Everybody make a scene! ...Wait, is it December already?! Sorry I've been a bit too busy to post my photos of our Halloween meetup until now :P But here, take a beautiful pumpkin prince Turpentine (well, don't really take him, he rfeally isn't mine to give).

What I lack in timeliness, I make up for in quantity?

20161105 Halloween 02 Ayato and Rigel

I didn't take photos of all the dolls that were present as I mainly took shots in front of our photo prop area and didn't really want to go around asking everyone if it was ok to pose their dolls. So it's mainly photos of the dolls of my friends :P

Btw, all thanks for the props go to Spica, whose awesome collection of Halloween theme items saved us again ^-^

20161105 Halloween 01 Ayato

Ayato is ready to go trick-or-treating ^-^ I'm loving how the orange jack-o-lantern contrasts with his usual mint colorway.

20161105 Halloween 19 Remy

Remy is excited!

20161105 Halloween 03 Random

Pumpkin princess Random ♥ I only took Rigel and Random with me as I had my camera and the camera stand to drag around as well. I should have taken a few more photos of them though, I only have that one of Rigel where he's standing with Ayato. I snapped some photos of Random with Spica's Ritsuka (both catears), but the light had faded by then and the result was horrid...

20161105 Halloween 04 Emilia

Emilia was looking very sweet. She revealed another side of her come later in the meetup though, rumors say she was getting quite comfy with certain charming boy... And Saku would be so jealous!

20161105 Halloween 05 Bleu

I had just grabbed my dolls with me, but some had made actual Halloween costumes for their dolls. Here is Deary's Bleu.

20161105 Halloween 08 Appini

20161105 Halloween 16

LadyChimere's girls were dressed as the fairy godmother and the pumpkin!

20161105 Halloween 09

A skeleton kid.

20161105 Halloween 06 Sepi and Carbon

Other look zazzy as they are, like Sepe and Carbon.

20161105 Halloween 10

Some look all Halloweeny just as they are.

20161105 Halloween 11 Pample

I'm a bit upset with myself that I didn't take more photos of Pample either...

20161105 Halloween 12 Turpentine

But I took more than enough of Turppu :D

20161105 Halloween 14 Turpentine

20161105 Halloween 13 Kukka

Here he is with a sweet doggy named Kukka.

20161105 Halloween 17 Radu

My second favourite Bory (the first is my own character Bory - named after this sculpt though - who hasn't been shelled as a doll).

20161105 Halloween 07 Appini

And then we have to say goodbye to the pumpkin patch and move onto the yulish stuffs... Which I'll probably post by Valentine's day :D

No, really, I've been super-busy with school. Every evening as I get home from school, I have a few hours time to spend with Loki until he goes to sleep. Then I have about 90mins to do my homework (which is no small amount) until I have to go to bed myself so that I can get up again at 6:30 next morning. But now my courses are beginning to come to an end. I only have a few tests left next week (and for one of those courses I have practically already ensured my 5/5 grade, so I have no pressure on the test :D) so we have no more homework.

The spring is going to be quite busy as well as I'm cramming in more courses than is usual for the first year (I have to graduate in less than 3 years and the courses are planned to be done over 4 years, so...). But it will be mostly about programming, so it'll be very interesting at least! ^-^


  1. Nice photos!!!! They are like over a month too late, but it's all cool :D!! I enjoyed them nonetheless

    Good luck with the last tests!!

    1. Thank you ! ^-^ It was so fun taking photos with proper props again. I would really want to take good photos with yule decorations as well, but we'll see how it turns out...


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