New Doll Ordered ^-^

Photo from SOOM

As you might have guessed from my last post, I finally found what I was looking for in the latest Soom Teenie Gem Free Choice Event. A tan Bygg with a human body! *v* It is the romantic head, but that suits the character just fine. I won't be needing the horn, but I know someone else who does so it all works out.

She'll be the middle Cupcake sister of my Bygg trio (Meringue doesn't count since I perceive her a as a Beyla :D Just to confuse everyone...) so the older sister of Hani and little sister of Milki.

I've been going back and forth with her name since it needs to go with the theme of Milki Liqourice and Hani Vanille. Currently Taffi Caramel is winning, but Salti Chocolate or Salti Caramel might also be a candidate.

I really, really wanted to go with something like Toasti so that their names would make out Milk, Toast and Honey (a lovely ballad by Roxette). but I just can't get enthusiastic about a doll named Toast :( Other option would have been to go with things-that-go-into-tea for the first name and a candy/sweet-corresponding-to-resin-colour but I only came up with 'lemon' and Lemoni/Limon don't really feel like her character either. Stevia would have been a funny twist on the theme, but I gave that a pass too XD Simply Tea (maybe pronounced like Thea) might have worked, but didn't seem to fit with Milki and Hani.

Taffi - let's go with Taffi for now - is the most aloof but in her own way, most mature of the three sisters. She likes to wander in the woods and realms of her world and leaves Milki to look after Hani. Also explains why she doesn't make an appearance until now ;D

I wanted to give her an all white styling (yes, yes, white on tan is overused but what the hell! I like it!), but might throw in beiges and more woodling/shaman items or feathers and such. ... Although knowing my dolls, she'll end up in ruffles in the end :P I got her one white outfit way back before, but Cottoncandy sorta stole it, so I might have to think of a plan B now.

I've also  purchased some wigs from Frappzilla (btw, it is damn hard to remember to check out their sales at the precise time =_= I missed out on some wigs I would have really liked), which are white/purpleish and I think Taffi could take one of them. I might also get some purplish eyes from Mako or Dollbakery (once they open commissions again. Maybe I'll finally have someone to wear Unicorn eyes *v*) to go with the wig. Although with the romantic eyes I would need something very light coloured if I want it to show at all.

For the face-up, I'm thinking browns and golds. I want to do something really spectacular with gold paint, but we'll see how far my talents take me.

All in all, I'm quite excited to get my dream doll ^-^ Now that I have her in tan, I can rest easy with my collection for now. A tan Hati might throw a curveball if it gets released and sure, if they release Bygg in any other colour then I might be Soomed again... I'm  a Bygg-addict


  1. Big congrats on your order! ♥ It's always great to see that people are able to bring home dolls that they've been wishing for ^w^

    1. Thank you! ^-^ This one certainly is one I've been putting on my wishlist for years. I'm so happy Soom finally decided to bring a human body to the FCE.

      And yes, it always brings a smile to my face when I see people finding their most wanted dolls. They are most likely to be the most loved ones too!

  2. Huge congrats!!! Who cares that white over tan is overused, it is for a reason! it's such an awesome color combination :D~!!!
    I decided to pass on the doll as I need a human doll and not a fantasy one at the moment, but I'm excited to see yours come to live!! Hopefully SOOM will make something to my taste next time :)

    Merry Christmas!

    1. Oh you wanted the OE head instead of the R? I do hope Soom someday releases more Special Order human dolls in tan (and other colors)!

      And for me, a colour scheme for a tan would definitely be either all-black or all-white ;) At least for a tiny. I'm planning on a tan big doll, but she'd wear 'normal' clothes, mostly in pastels.


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