Looking back on 2016

cafewalk 05
Still my first and most precious: Hippu

Since I really don't have the energy to make a mosaic of my current dolls, I just picked one full photo of each. I actually have taken a photo of each of my dolls last year, yey! Scattered in between the photos are the usual change-of-the-year rambles.

Hello From Nuu
Nuu, my little darling ^-^

This is what I planned for this year in the post of 2015:

Most of all, to blog a lot more! I don't want to have any excuses of not having more photos to share. The indoor lights are first on my list and since my Photoshop accessibility has improved, I shouldn't have any obstacles on posting more frequently.

I hope I'll be spending more time with my bigger dolls next year, especially if I do get RD. I need to get them off their self a lot more often and maybe just even change their clothes every once in a while or give them a pat on the head.

On crafting I really want to make more alpaca wigs. I also got some fun ideas with fimo that I want to excecute. Both of these are things that I can do in the evening once Loki is already sleeping, so it shouldn't be a problem if I just get around to it. As for face-up commissions, I hope to keep on improving and I hope I'll get as interesting and challenging commissions to do as in 2015.

XD ... I wasn't that successful. I think I made even less blog posts this year than in 2015. And I especially didn't much blog about my SDs. More than once I had to dust those fur heads off, since they looked like they were having serious dandruff issues >_<

Also I did zero crafting. Although yes, I would have had time once Loki went to sleep, I was usually too exhausted to do anything but go to sleep myself, or I had homework to do.

Grassland Fauns 10
I was happy I took Lumina out for this photoshoot with Deary

160702 At Summer Cottage 11
Photography in 2016 and plans for 2017:

In the first half of the year I managed to do some photoshoots I'm very proud of. Whenever we go on some trips again next year (like the summer cottage), I'll be sure to take some dolls with me. And once spring is here, I want to do more outdoors shoots in general. ... Maybe even another snowy photoshoot.

The latter half of the year was a bit of a downhill though. I try to do better next year. I ordered myself a circle flash, hoping that equipment might solve all my problems XD I should instead just concentrate on taking more pictures, since I'm just lacking recent practice, especially using my new camera.

A goal for 2017 is to do at least one spectacular photoshoot per month. And to make sure I take photos of each of my dolls. I should also update my doll profiles in my blog...

160628 Pup in a Cup 04
Milki was a sweetheart in this photoshoot in my hat :D

Rigel in macro
Rigel rocks in Halloween parties
In the past year I had grandiour plans for amazing meet-ups, but we only made the Halloween vol2 happen in the end. It seems no one in our town wants to organise them but us, and our own group had so many travels and happenings of our own that we didn't really couldn't find time to organise big meetups.

For year 2017, meetup-wise:

I just hope to organise one big meetup :D Let's keep the bar low... Maybe Valentine's Day this year, since it is my favourite day :3

I also wish to go to at least two meetups in other cities! I want to meet new people and dolls ^-^ Sadly I don't think I'll be able to go to any conventions next year either, so I'll settle for smaller events.

In Pink Cloud 07
Cottoncandy rock anything, and she'd be excellent in a bittersweet Valentine XD

20161212 Yule Lights with Meringue 01
Meringue became my go-to doll for especially lit photoshoots

20161105 Halloween 03 Random
Random was my new doll for year 2016

My dolly plans for 2016 were:
- Rainbow Dash! I finally want to complete this plan, as it has been in the making for so long. I need a Roselyn head from LM, eyes from Mako and the outfit.
- Tan Teenie! I'll just keep putting this on my list for as long as it takes for Soom to release one I love (comoon R.Beyla and Hati! Or Rru)

I'll also hold a spot for a tan Wolf, as discussed in a past post I made.

I got a tan Teenie! A tan R.Bygg! Although she won't be here until next spring. Rainbow Dash got postponed until further notice though. I started to waver on my decision on making RD out of Roselyn. I realised that something like Volks Charlotte would be better suited for the doll, but I'm not ready to spend that much money on this particular doll ;_;

To celebrate getting into school, I got myself a suprise doll though. I have been admiring Dollfie Dreams for a while, but I didn't really want to get a big anime doll. Then I saw these SQLabs chibi dolls in my Insta feed and realised I could get one to fill that anime need :3 Random is in desperate need for proper clothes though, let that be a resolution for next year!

160717 Fordy Bear 04
Although Fondant's making way for another doll, she's still in my possession, so hence the photo
I haven't sold any dolls this year, although I have put Fondant up for sale again. Besides her, I have no need to get rid of any other doll. Although I really can't tell straight away how many I even have :D I have to count them in my head first, and then double check that I didn't forget anyone. (I counted them just now, I can't believe I 'only' have 14 O.O It feels like I have at least 16 or so... So, room for a couple more then? :D)

Just Because 06
Eiko got a bunch of new clothes, but very few pictures of her were taken =_=
Wishlist 2017:

At least I might get a new Little Monica doll to face-up if nothing else :D I do want some LM dolls myself too, but it might be unrealistic to get any next year. However these are my dream dolls from LM:
- tan Sophia to be my new Alistair (it's a girl doll, with a boy name)
- NS Dyuke to be Mycroft
- Monica head (the special gift head) to be my new Audrye

And my other wishlist:
- tan Hati
Wow that was short! :D

20160604 Little Evil 04
Yuffie got more camera time
I think that year 2017 will also be filled with Teenie pics, but I hope to get something done with my big dolls as well. I should really make use of all the new clothes I've gotten for them this last year and just take more pics. They don't really need anything more. Except for Fyrd, I want to get him some Angel Green eyes from Dollbakery, if I see a preorder opening up :3

The Teenies will forever need more things, like shoes. I already mentioned getting more clothes for Random, but the other small dolls need a fuller wardrobe as well.

20160604 The Smirk 04
Fyrd seemes content with whatever I do

Feeling Binary Again 06
Nigel definitely needs more photoshoots!
Other plans for 2017:
I'm continuing with school and I want to keep my perfect record so that's a goal if anything. I also want to code my very first program, and I actually have something planned for this already, stemming from an actual need for an RPG campaign. I just hope I have the skills to execute it!

I also have a bunch of movies lined up that I want to go see in the theatres this upcoming year. Since free nights are a luxury now, it really needs to be goal to go see all of them :D At least every new Marvel movie + Beauty and the Beast.

And in games, I want to finish FFXV 100% and then find time to play FFVII Remake (possible FFXII Remake as well), Persona 5, and Crash Bandicoot remake if it comes out 2017.

160604 Getting Close to Alex 02
Alex is so very handsome *_*
All in all, I just hope to be active in the community in the year 2017! I have neglected all the forums this year and just stayed in Instagram. I've used Flickr for just a photodump, I haven't checked what others have uploaded there at all...

I plan to make at least one new aquintance next year ^-^

With this, Happy New Year 2017!!


  1. Yay for balances and goals!! I think that your goals are not setting the bar low, but they are just realistic according to what yiy feel can be accomplished with enough work, and that is fine! I used to set many goals other years and fall off soon on all of them, but this year I had more realistic goals and accomplished many of them too. I'm super glad you could buy your tan Bygg too. It seems that particular sculp eludes me every single time haha.

    Congrats on winning Miyadoll giveaway btw!! It was super cool to see your profile in their account!!! It would have been equally awesome to see mine LOL but I'm happy you got it :D

    I'm very close to getting 100% on FFXV (missing the hidden dungeon though ugh xD and a few hunts) but I stopped playing so I would have some stuff to do after they put the carnival and give me my choco mog tee. I thought it would suck to have Noctis in that cute outfit and not have anything new to do.

    Happy new year!!! Hope you accomplish many things this year~

    1. Realistic goal are definitely easier to accomplish ^-^ I'm not aspiring to gain new doll-owner level-ups this year :D

      Thank you! It was definitely a surprise to see that I won, I usually never win anything in raffles ^-^ I hope you'll win the next one, Miya is definitely doing more giveaways than I thought any artist could have. And that is one doll I definitely have to share around, can't just keep her to myself :3

      I still haven't even reached Altissia in FFXV, I've been doing so many hunts and other stuff in the meanwhile :D

      And very Happy New Year to you as well!! I hope it will be full of fun and amazing things!

  2. Happy new year! ^3^
    I think you did really well with the photos, these are all really beautiful. It's not the quantity but the quality that counts. ;)

    I can't wait for our new tawny Teenies! I can't believe I didn't get one single Teenie in 2016. :D Huge congrats on winning the Miyadoll give away! I'm very interested to see how you will style your new doll.

    Oooh! I see that you added Persona 5 to your "to-play"-games! <3 Yay! Maybe I'll have to get that PS4 just so I can play it too and we can discuss it! :3

    1. Happy New Year to you too, dear friend! ^-^

      Tawny little dolls are definitely the it-thing for us this year :3 I hoped to get at least one, and now I've got two on the way :D And you know me, they'll be ruffled little cute things ;)

      I've been intrigued by Persona games when you've been discussing them so passionately with Darky. Now that I found out Prompto's voice actor is also starring in Persona 5, I might have to really give it a go myself. With all these new dolls though, where can I find the time to play them all? XD


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