For Sale / Myytävänä: Soom Beyla

FS: Soom Beyla

So Soom finally did it and brought a tan human Bygg option to the FCE ;___; (They also have a tan Rru open-mouth, but I have to prioritise something...) I want that third Cupcake sister home, so I have to make room for it, hence: Fondant is for sale!

Asking 250€ + shipping, details under the cut.

FS: Soom Beyla

- Beyla OE head in CW
- Teenie Gem girl body in CW
- face-up made by me, won't erase unless a buyer will specifically request it (won't wipe it just to show it blank, it was done professionally by me and there is no staining underneath)
- self-made alpaca hair wig on request (the one pictured)

- I can add the Vings N7 14mm urethane eyes for extra 40€
- I can send a Soom bag and box with the doll for no extra charge. It might affect shipping costs though.

The body and head are from different batch so there is a color difference, the body is yellower than the head. On its own, the body is evenly yellowed. The photo with the headcap held shows some comparison to new CW (the inside of the cap is unlikely to yellow). Both head and body were bought second hand through DoA, the head is split from Thunder Play edition. Because of splits, I can only provide a copy of the certificate that came with the full Beyla Thunder Play doll, no certificate for the body separately. I however own several TGs, and can see that these are authentic items.

Some photos of the face-up:

FS: Soom Beyla


FS: Soom Beyla

The hairs are left behind from the wig =_= I didn't see them on the head until editing photos. They are not stuck to the resin and are not flaws though.

FS: Soom Beyla

Full body pic.

Let me know if you are interested in the comments or in FlickrMail or InstaIM or in whatever method you prefer :D I would also be very thankful for any shares to spread the word about this sale wider.


  1. Ohhh so you are ready to buy a tan Bygg!! I'm not sure why I'm so on the fence about it, I want to buy it, but I also want the open eyed head and a darker tan or grey. Sadly I'm not in the look for CW but I wish you good luck with the sale!!! :D


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