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161225 Santa Nigel 01
Brought to you by: Santa Nigel
Nigel: ...Honestly?
Me, Feathermint: Aw, comoon, you can make a commentary! ^-^

I was actually wondering if I could find a picture for each month! Well, for some months there really wasn't much competition though... But I managed to make my pics! :D

Out in the cold 02
N: Well here you have classic example of an up-the-nose shot of a brat who should have something sharp shoved up her nose
F: Nigel, please be civil... =_=
N: ... Nice... bokeh?

I actually started out pretty strong. There were quite a many shoots I did in January, although not that many that excelled :D I guess I was having some New Years resolution phase or something, taking more photos than usual. Anyhoo, this outdoor shoot with Yuffie was a clear winner and I really like this photo from a low angle. I especially like how how bright hair contrasts against the dullish snowy forest.

Corruptor 05
N: Ugh, can I get some tooth-paste in here?
F: Nikki, you drink coke by the gallons, these photos aren't going to give you any more cavities than that

February was a very pastely month, and this photo of Cotton isn't even from my Valentine's Day shoot :D Again I chose a landscape photo from the set since it just had that something special. I think I promised myself to take more landscapes during this year and I certainly did, with good results. I seemed to forget all about it come end of the year though, which is a shame.

Carousel Horse 02
N: Who is this even?
F: Um, this unicorn girl has been with me over a year now ^-^
N: I thought unicorns were supposed to be gentle and kind sort of creatures. This one looks like she'd punch my teeth in...

For some reason I had not taken many pics of this doll since Meringue arrived int the summer of last year. But she did participate in many shoots this past year. I'm still very smitten with her and can't really comprehend just how well she fits my original plans ^-^

White fox
N: Mr. April can try to fool us all he likes, but I can see past that ridiculour haircolour
F: Might be the ears...

There really wasn't much competition in April however, Fyrd was actually the only contestant. Don't tell that to Nigel though! He'll start conjuring some conspiracy theories about Fyrd debilitating everyone else to steal the spotlight... *evil laughter in the background* O.O

Grassland Kitty 03
N: What the?! If you're into bestiality, woman, keep it to yourself!
F: =_= That's just an innocent kitty, sleeping on he grass...

It was a bit hard to make my pick for May, since I had a few nice meetups where I took nice shots. In the end, I really like the composition of this photo, and the blurred background is dreamy!

20160604 The Smirk 02
N: Aargh!! Just give me some garlic or something!
F: I don't think it would really work against Fyrd, he's not a vampire...
N: Well at least he would stink!

Speaking of blur, this renewed photoshoot of Fyrd's grin won the spot for June. I had wanted to take these shots ever since I redid his faceup, but it took me while. The end result is beutiful however. :3

160702 At Summer Cottage 16
N: Lemme guess, "Gone with the wind"?
F: Have you even  read the book, or seen the movie? O_o
N: Of course not

I took soooo many good photos of Hani in this same shoot and I almos went for another nice landscape photo, but in the end I chose this one instead. Seeing all these nice outdoors photos makes me want to grab my dolls and head outside again. And then I look outside and it's wet and cold and pitch-black dark =_= I'm waiting for you, summer!

N: Ok, this is a nice one
F: My, thank you, Nikki!
N: As should be though, it is my robot in it

It did not snow in August XD But it also wasn't a productive month for doll-photos either... We went on a holiday and then school started so I didn't have any time for my dolls :(

cafewalk 03
N: Who left a little boy unguarded?
F: Actually, a friend of mine is guarding him, just behind him, outside the framing
N: Stalking, you mean. Save the children from weird photo-ladies!

Despite school, I fortunately had time to see some of my friends at least. My doll-photographing skills seemed to deteriorate though and although this was the best of the bunch, I'm not as pleased with this.

20161025 Random Kitty 05
N: This one too, look how stressed it looks.
F: ... Well, I have no excuse for that

And October wasn't much better... Random really deserves a proper shoot of just her.

20161105 Halloween 15 Turpentine
N: Now I'm glad you didn't drag me to this Halloween party you were all raving about. Weird little hooved... beings.
F: Oh, did you want to come? I'm so sorry for not asking you!

Luckily our Halloween meetup was in November and not October :D I got some nice photos, giving me some much needed self-esteem.

20161212 Yule lights with Nendo
N: Ok, this one's fairly alright.
F: You're just saying that because it's another Nendobot, right?
N: No, it has a very fairy feeling to it

Although it is now the darkest of times (the snow melted right away, and I'm having a few-weeks-long-now flu), the winter lights give nice warmth to the season. :3 Now I finally got a house for my Nendos, I want to do some bigger shoots with them!

161225 Santa Nigel 02
N: I'm so taking this off now. This has been... not-that-enjoyable. Let's just wait a year until meeting again, ok?
F: So that means you'll be our Santa next year too? *_*
N: ... No.

See you next year! (Or in some other end-of-the-year-meme if I have time to compile any!)


  1. Nigel definitely has to keep playing santa all Christmases!!! Comments on the photos were hilarious!!
    Yuffie with yellow hair is my favorite of the bunch, and She actually made me all the way and buy a yellow wig too, which I thank her and you a lot because Serafina totally rocks it :D

    Hope you had a wonderful christmas, see ya next year!!! Wish you the best for 2017~

    1. I was delighted to see Serafina with the yellow hair, we need more bright colours in the world! ^-^

      I hope you had a wonderful Christmas as well and Happy New Year!

  2. Oh Nigel~ :D Be aware, weird photo-ladies might come to snatch you up!

    I really like the photo of Kitten! I wonder if he's dreaming about food ( like he always is). ^_^

    Ps. You have to take more photos of Random, poor kitty is all alone! ;w;

    1. I definitely do! She needs proper clothes though, so I'd be more inspired to photograph her. Although just her sad face and the fluffy ears need attention too.


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