Random Kitty - How I Butchered Another Fur Wig

20161025 Random Kitty 01

My nekomimi is slowly getting ready ^-^ I bought her a cheap fur wig from Etsy seller Kyanara and it arrived a few days ago.

This is what it looked like out of the box (well, after I combed it :P ) The quality of the fur is not as good as Spite&Malice, my previous go-to wig-maker, but it's not that terrible either. It is slightly slick, so it can't be crunched into shape quite as easily as S&M, but there aren't too many stray hairs either.

My main issue is with the construct. The front is hemmed, but the back in't. Ok, this can be overlooked, since the wig doesn't seem to be shedding or unravelling. But the wig is made fro only two pieces, meaning that the seam goes right over the top of the head. In a smaller wig like this (6-7in), it makes a cone shape that looks just a bit too off. S&M wigs are made from three pieces, so the seams go along the sides of the head, making them look much more natural. When there is no seam along the top, it is also much easier to make the parting for the bangs...

But I didn't have much to lose if my plan wasn't going to work. :P It's the one upside to cheap wigs!

Here I have roughly parted the hair into the basic shape I wanted. I solved the top-seam issue with deciding to give her a gyaru-style hump. It is tied into a small ponytail at the back, since I probably never will take photos of her where it will show.

After this, I took out my crafting knife and shaved the ear tufts to a proper length. I also shaped her bangs so that her eyes wouldn't be covered. To finish it off, I used regular hair matt powder to give the ears better hols and shapability.

20161025 Random Kitty 04

And this is my kitty! ^-^ I do want to add some pink tufts into her wig at some point, but first I need to find something pink and fluffy to use.

20161025 Random Kitty 03

With the nekomimi wig, Random already looks a lot more like I first envisioned her to be.

20161025 Random Kitty 02

And even with an inferior-quality wig, the fur wig is still more flexible than a fiber wig.

20161025 Random Kitty 05

And that's all for now! See you again -hopefully- soon!


  1. Random is awfully cute and I love her name, by the way! :D That was a nifty thing to do with the wig~ Is the hair matte powder holding well?

    1. Thank you! ^-^ I hope you get to see her in person soon ~♡

      The ears have held their shape well so far, and with the powder I can always readjust the tiniest things on the go. Whereas if I had used gel, it would have 'glued' the shape in place and to readjust I would have had to wash the wig. But I don't yet have experience how the powder withstands transportation. I have to keep my powder and a comb with me when I take her to next meetup.

  2. I think you did great styling this wig, it loos very cute~

    1. Thank you! ~♡ After this project I have had an itch to mod my other wigs too, just to see what I could do! :D


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