Random Doll Arrival

I got this brown box this last week, just one day after my birthday ^-^ If I had had the time to check up on the tracking, I could have gotten it for my birthday, but it was ok. I didn't even get the doll as a birthday present for myself, it was supposed to be a congratulations present for getting into school. Ordering it was abit delayed though, since the first weeks of school were such a hassle. But once I found a great Yahoo!Japan agent through DoA, the doll itself arrived ery quickly! I'm so used to waiting for new dolls for about two months, this one only took a few weeks.

It is an SQ Labs Chibi Tsubaki ^-^ I've sorta wanted a DD for a long time, since I keep seeing all those lovely anime faces on my some feeds. But I didn't want to get another big doll to get neglected (although I do love all those amazing clotes and shoes made for DDs >v< ) and MDD would be such a different size from my other dolls (and I have a sad history with minis), so I put it off time after time. Then I once saw this one very cute anime doll sitting next to tinies in one meetup-photo and the size seemed perfect for me! After a bit of research, I found out it was an SQ Labs chibi doll. This seemed perfect, since SQs dolls are made of resin, which I'm much more familiar with than vinyl.

I got the 31cm body, making this doll a bit taller than my Teenies. She's still within range to make her seem porpotional to them though. She has a slim torso, and the YoSD dress I got for her is big enough to almost fall off :D She needs tighter clothes for sure... But what I adore about her are those legs! They have such nice curves ~♥ Almost an Unoa feel to them, only smaller ^-^

SQs bigger dolls have lots of variety and I've seen many amazing customs made out of them. Sadly their chibi line has only three heads so far, but luckily for me this Tsubaki hit me at once. Although I usually go for the googley eyed dolls, this time I saw much more potential in the narrower eyes of Tsubaki. She seems very expressive. My first instinc was to make her look grumpy and dissatisfied, but in the end I went with a different direction.

If SQ releases chibi versions of some of the heads I really like, I might get more of these :3 I would really like an open mouthed, kitsune-looking doll as well.

I was super nervous to do her face-up, since I have never really been good at drawing in anime/manga style. I just never get the eyes just right, and since the eyes are... kinda the thing... you know... Anyway, the result of the first layer of lines came quite ok :3

This is from about halfway through the blushing. I kept the blushing quite light compared to my usual face-ups, to keep with the anime feel and to make the eyes the the center of attention. I still couldn't resist blushing some shadowing in there. I've seen some DD face-ups that don't have much anything but the eyeliner and some blush on the cheeks, but I wanted something a bit richer.

20161015 Random came home 02

And here she is all dolled up :3 I first tried my pupiless Soom eyes in her, but it looked like she had no eyes at all, so I switched to these 16mm special ED eyes (that I first got for Fyrd). The sparkle actually looks quite nice! She's supposed to be an android kitty, so metallic, unreal eyes are good.

20161015 Random came home 01

Otherwise she doesn't really look like either an android, nor a kitty. I didn't have time to get her much anything before she arrived, and the thing she misses the most is her real wig. I want her to have a black fur wig that has two tufts as kitty ears. I would have preferred to get one from Spite&Malice, and I would have comissioned the wig to have two small pink tufts as the insides of the ears, but S&M has quit. :( So I got a cheap simple wig from Etsy and maybe I'll customise it later myself.

20161015 Random came home 04

For outfits, she'll have all sorts of moe type clothes, like maid, school girl... And these frilly dresses that all my Teenies seem to steer away from. :3 But her longer legs make the dresses look better, imo.

20161015 Random came home 03

And her name: Random. :D

I actually had some other name chosen for her that I came up with back in the summer. It was something brief, and something to do with a quarrel/strife, and it had a r or an f in it... But as you can see, I can't remember it! I spent a few days trying to remember it, but I simply can't get it back!

So I was talking to Deary about how this doll was coming home and how it didn't have much anything of its own ready. Luckily I knew I had enough extras of wigs and eyes so that she would have something to wear, but she would be 'a totally random doll' until she got her own stuffs. And then the name just stuck. :D Now I think it might actually be an even better name than the name I had before. It also reminds me of Random Dent, the angsty girl in Hitch-Hikers. Random Doll is also kinda angsty ;)

So say your welcomes to her!


  1. Random is such a cute doll!!! Love the eye shape. Are you going to give her more anime eyes or are you going to keep the fantasy styled ones on her? either way she looks great :), congrats!

    1. If I find an excellent animetic eyes seller that doesn't charge ems shipping then I'll probably try them out for Random. But until then, these eyes will do fine :) I was also thinking of getting SHeyes for her but then I recalled I already had these glitter eyes home XD
      Thank you!

  2. Congratulations on receiving Random, you've done an excellent job of her face up and styling, she looks very pretty. I do like those green glitter eyes, they seem to suit her quite well, so if she were mine I'd probably leave them in.

    1. Thank you so much! ^-^ I am glad that the glitter eyes work as well as they do, otherwise she'd probably go being neglected until I had the time to get her new things. Now I find myself taking her down from the doll shelf and just sitting her on my arm rest or the table while I do my homework. Which is great since she's supposed to be a school motivator :D


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