Little Backlog of Cosmetics

Yeah, I haven't updated in a looong while now! >_< I actually got these items back in early August, but first I wanted to wait so I would get my other items too, and then I became too occupied with schoolwork and getting the flu. My weekends have been all about doing homework and sleeping when I can. But, now I finally took photos of all my new cosmetics, so here they are in one massive post :D

All in all, the items in this post are:
- Skin Food Peach Sake Toner
- A'Pieu Mud Fresh Cleansing Foam Rilakkuma Edition
- Etude House Wonder Pore series testers
- Etude House Aloe sheetmask
- Holika Holika Smooth Egg Peeling Gel Lazy&Easy Edition
- Mizon Snail Repair Eye Cream
- Skin Food Watery Berry Serum

This is the rest that arrived later. In fact, these are just the latest ones, I forgot to take photos of few items I've also bought (Skin Food Peach Sake serum and Skin Food Brown Sugar scrub) >_< Well, I'm planning on making a compile post of the cosmetics anyway, so they'll be in there.

But let's get on with the individual items!

Luckily I don't have too much trouble with my skin, but the pores could be a little less prominent and there is sometimes a bit of redness on my cheeks (without blush :P) This Peach Sake series from Skin Food was targeted towards shrinking pores and it was on sale at Cosmetics-Love (still is, btw) so I bought the toner. It smells delicious! It also feels very refreshing and although I can still see my pores, they might be a bit smaller and less prone to breaking out. I liked the toner so much, I also bought the pore tightening serum from the same series and I have been happy with that too. Both have this sake bottle look :3

Only complain is that the toner runs out very fast! I already have used this bottle (in 1,5 months or so?) so I ordered another one.

More on pore control issues, I also bought a couple of these samples of Etude House's Wonder Pore series. One sample sheet has four different products in it so I could test how the lot of them felt together.

First one was Wonder Pore cleansing foam, which felt great. Out of the (well, three) cleansing foams I've used by now it was the least drying. I didn't feel almost any of that 'squaky clean' tightening on my skin.

Then there was the Wonder Pore serum, which smelled very pepperminty, like toothpaste :D It was a thick emulsion, but absorbed quite quickly. Can't say if it was more or less effective than Peach Sake serum though, since I didn't have enough samples to do a proper effect review.

Third was Wonder Pore essence, which was more like a runny gel than really watery liquid like my Missha essence is. I actually much preferred this Wonder Pore essence to the Missha one so once I'm about to run out of essence, I'll probably get this one instead.

And lastly, Wonder Pore balancing emulsion. This felt very light and absorbed quickly. It left my skin feel very moist and cool and really felt like it was balancing out all the other products and could really help with the redness. Loved this one, but I don't have room for another cream/emulsion :( Maybe some day though...

Since I really didn't like the Missha cleansing foam I ordered first, I was happy to receive this new one. And it is such a cute bottle! ^-^ The actual product is a pearly silvery cream and a very small amount (size of the nail of my pinky finger) foams enough to wash my face and neck. The smell is quite neutral, but there are slight hints of something bittersweet in there. It does leave my skin feel a bit tight after the wash, but not as much as the Missha one, so I'll use this one up before switching to something else.

I mentioned the Peach Sake serum before, but I also got another serum to alternate it with. To make sure my skin doesn't dry out, I got this Watery Berry serum, which has hyaluronic acid in it. I mostly use this in the evening and it feels refreshing and light. Smell has hints of sour berries in it and I like it quite a lot!

Between these hauls, I had also bought Skin Food's Brown Sugar scrub. It is a physical scrub, where sugar chrystals do the peeling work. It is very nice, but after a while I was tempted enough to also get this chemical peeling gel from Holika Holika.

I had actually read about this egg peeling gel back when I first became interested in Korean products and it seemed to have many fans. Because I was a noob though, I thought it would be something made of rotten eggs or something and would be a kind of torture to achieve beauty :D I was really sceptical about ordering anything with suspicious ingredients in their names...

But as you can see from the very first photo up there, I actually got a few samples of this product with an order. So with prejudice, I tried it out. It actually smells very light, hints of something floral. The gel is transparent and after a while of massaging it starts to gather up dead skin cells.

After seeing that it wasn't something horrible and dangerous I eventually ordered an egg for myself. I paid a little extra to get the Lazy&Easy edition, with the translucent top lid and the face on the 'yogg'. The bottle is quite large, roughly the size of my palm.

And the yogg lid covers the quite ordinary dispenser. The bottom half of the 'egg' is squeezeable and it has one flat surface so the egg won't go rolling off anywhere :D I took a bit more pictures of this one, because myself I was very confused as to how the product worked.

And speaking of products with suspicious ingredients... On first glance, I gae a definite 'no!' to these snail creams. I had the mental image of poor snails being ground up into face creams. But no, the actual produc is quite nice actually! :D And no ground-up snails.

After getting everything else sorted out, I realised that I really needed to top my collection off with a proper eye cream. Let's face it, those wrinkles are to come if not counter-measured... I spend quite a few hours reading reviews and suggestions about different creams, and this Mizon was among the highest ranked along with Skin Food's Salmon eye cream. So faced with the decision between snails and salmons I decided that snails would be the lesser evil.

The product is a thick mostly opaque gel. It is almost odorless. It came with a sturdy plastic spatula so the cream won't contaminate too much from my fingers. The gel spreads easily onto my skin with a little patting and absorbs nicely. I do feel that even after just a few weeks of using the skin around my eyes looks a bit tighter and healthier.

Than I've bought some more sheet masks. Aritaum's masks actually came in a bulk of 5 pcs, so now I'm set for a few months.

Nothing to complain about Etude House's Aloe mask. It stayed on nicely and there was plenty of the serum in it. Since I only got this one piece, can't say if it really was so smoothing or not. Definitely didn't irritate my skin though :D

Next I got Aritaum's Tea Tree and Hualyronic Acid masks. Tea Tree supposedly has antibacterial qualities so it is for the times when my skin feels like breaking out in spots. On other times, I can't have too much hydration, so hyaluronic acid is the chosen weapon. I've tested both, and they are really soaked with the serum! I had a mask on while doing some homework (instead of lying down on my back and relaxing as I think I would be assumed to be while pampering my face with a sheet mask :D ) and the serum kept on dripping down my neck. I just patted it on my decoltee though, so I could get some effect to that skin area too.

Some photos of the freebies in aone order. The amount of freebies is comparable to the price of the order. I got a lot more with my very first order, and then with the latest. But it's ok, I haven't even used these up yet. I got some Tonymoly Tomato cream samples last time, but haven't had time to try any yet :D I actually have also got samples of Tonymoly's Panda's Dream cream, which is a whitening cream. I'm on the fence about it... I have very light skin as it is, so I don't really need any whitening effect. But I tried it on once, and it did leave my skin looking very translucent, that dewy effect Korean cosmetics are raving about. I'm not sure if the effect was too prominent though, I wouldn't want odd looks when I walk in public :D

Wow, quite a lot of products! And there are still so many things I want... >_<  Bets are on, whether I first run out of money or closet space? :D


  1. So many products!! I still haven't found a nice serum or moisturizing cream for my face, I guess I'll have to check korean products :D

    1. I can recommend checking them out! :) They are so much fun ^-^ And there is plenty to choose from so you should have a good chance of finding something to suit you.

  2. That bottle of the Rilakkuma cleansing foam is so cute >w< I thought it would smell more like cherries, since the bottle has cherries in it. :3 The Koreans really know how to make their packaging nice to look at, or at leats interesting if nothing else... I still want to buy that Tony Moly's banana shaped bottle of hand cream, just for the bottle (although the cream also smelled good when I got to try it!).

    1. And the marketing works, at least against me ;) I'm a sucker for cute stuff... Although for me, it has to be pinky-girly-cute. I find the Tonymoly food-looking packages interesting and/or funny, but they don't grab me as much. I would never have tried Tonymoly's tomato cream if I hadn't got a sample (but the sample seemed to have a good effect). But then when we go over to TM's Panda series (pandas and bears are cute!) or the bunnies (Pocket Bunny for teh win! And I still want to get one of the bunny lip glosses although I don't need another lip gloss XD), I want them so bad, even if the actual product wouldn't suit my needs. :D


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