Second Wave of Hauls

 I got a notice from the customs that this package was held there a few weeks back, but right next day when the notice came, we went on a holiday to Rhodes so I waited until we got back to pay for the custom fees. Then it took seemingly forever to get to my post office and when I finally got it, all the goodies just sprawled out. Not like this though, it took me a while to arrange them so that pretty much everything could be seen.

This is my haul from Taobao. It is mostly clothes and accessories for Eiko, who seems to have claimed the throne of the most spoiled princess around here. I don't even play with her that much, but she gets sooo many goodies! :D Thenagain, she's easy to shop for, since the pastel-hime-gyary clothes are something I would really like for myself too.

I already put her in a mint-pink-white ensemble, and I'm liking it very much! So far I haven't had a chance to pose her anywhere to take photos of it though. I'm having the hardest time finding time for dolls in general... I have a few photoshoots lined up for editing though, so the blog might get some quick new posts in a short period of time. Hopefully it won't lead to another long silence! ...I still have a 100 holiday photos to edit too =_=

Teenies - or rather, a Teenie - got the outfit in the very middle. The shirt works nicely on Hippu (you'll see photos of it a bit later). The bloomers look nice too, but I think Hippu looks better in black shorts, so the beige ones will be claimed by some other doll. Sadly, I don't have a shortage of dolls needing new bloomers in these colours :P All my teenies seem to use bloomers, either by themselves or under skirts, so I don't have many to spare or switch around.

I also got these miniature macarons to go with my caféteria set, but they are actually quite big for Teenies. They would go well with SDs though, so they won't go unused.

And then I got the dress in upper left corner for my next doll, which I'm currently trying to order. Finding a nice Yahoo!Japan agent is hard though, so it might take more time than I anticipated.


  1. So many pretty clothes!!! I can see why Eiko is so spoiled, she's just too precious hehehe
    Loved the stuff for your teenies, I just wish there was more XD love the tiny clothes so much!
    I'm waiting for a taobao order too, but it's not as big as yours, wish it was!!! this makes me want to buy more stuff XD damn

    Anyways, lovely haul!! Hope we get to see photos of the dolls in some of these soon :D

    1. Can't wait to see what you have ordered! ^-^ And I know the feeling, after getting these, I now want to order more XD

  2. So many pretty things! I'm curious, which store did you order these from? :3 It never hurts to find out about more lovely doll clothing stores~

    1. Sure! I used these shops:


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