Can I Get More Pastels?

160910 Eikos new clothes 01

Here is a quick shoot of Eiko wearing her new clothes. I'm so loving this mint shirt, it looks amazing with her turquoise eye shadow ^-^

160910 Eikos new clothes 02

The shirt is from Kaleidoll and it comes in other colours as well. Kaleidoll also has some amazing knits (plus so many other clothes) all in this lovely gyaru-style. I will definitely get more from them once I feel like Eiko needs a refill in her closet.

160910 Eikos new clothes 03

The skirt is from a set from Dollsolo. I was really going back and forth whether to get the set in blue or pink, but the pink skirt does look better combined with this hirt, so I made the right call. Dollsolo sells a variety of clothes in all sizes, not all work well for my dolls, but then there can be awesome finds ^-^

The accessories (necklace, bag, leg warmers) are from Yomisama. The chain on the bag is just a bit too thick to look comfortable, but it'll do.

The socks are from a set from Endless. It's actually a DD sized set and I haven't had the time to see whether the tops of the same set fit Eiko well or not. Her graffiti body should be somewhat compatible though, so fingers crossed. :)

Not pictured, and not worn, are the shoes from Kaleidoll I bought to go with this outfit. Eiko had her regular feet on and they didn't fit into the high heel shoes. I have to get the time/energy to restring her to see if the shoes fit well or not.

All these clothes really make me want to turn Eiko into a true hime-gyaru girl. She needs a proper wig for it though. And I still want to make her an alpaca wig too! The flyaways of the fiber wigs are driving me nuts X(


  1. She looks lovely!!! I'm sad kaleidoll seems to only sell sd stuff X( and I didn't like Dollsolo XD though what you got was really pretty, love the skirt.

    I shouldn't be looking at taobao stores this month haha, it will be the death of me x.x....

    Did Eko always had the blue eyeshadow or did you changed her face up? I think she looks a bit differet, might be the clothes~ it suits her!

    1. It's just the clothes! ^-^ The eyeshadow has been there from the start (well, after wiping the default face-up of course), I thought some colour was needed since she was supposed to be a colourful girl. Well, she still has colour, just not as saturated as before :P

      There are so many Taobao shops, there's definitely something for everyone... Wich is why it is so dangerous to browse it! :D

  2. Eiko looks super cute!!! I love her outfit. And yay for pastels. I just got some pastels clothes for my dolls that I just posted not too long ago too. I definitely have a lot of wanted items from Kaleidoll, especially their knits.

    1. Yey for pastels! ^-^ I have to go check out what you got. I've been so offline lately, I've backlogged on everything...


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