Café And Walk

A few days ago I met up with Deary to chat at a local café. I had Hippu with me and once we had eaten our goodies, we went to walk through the older parts of Turku and I took some photos of him.

cafewalk 02

This was taken at the university campus. Although the new students have started their studies (me included, yey!), there weren't too many people around to photobomb my shots :D

cafewalk 03

The same spot, but from the other side. Deary was kind enough to stand behind Hippu, spotting if he fell. And right after this shot he did! I just heard some rustle, but didn't see it, since my camera was showing the preview of the photo. And when Deary called out that she had caught him ok, I noticed that he had fallen over at all XD

cafewalk 04

This is the true older Turku (Henrikki I think the area is called). The houses are mainly wooden and painted in light pastely colours. It makes for an ideal lolita photoshoot as well, I have to execute that later. There was also this amazing iron fence and cobbled street.

cafewalk 05

And some chalk art that says "hi hi!" or "bye bye!" however you want to interpret it. Let's say bye for now!


  1. Ohhh these are some lovely shots!! love his colors in contrast with the background.
    Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thanks! Myself I really love the shot of Hippu against the leaves. Although he wouldn't seem like the type to look good in outdoor shoots, it does give a nice contrast :D

  2. Lovely photos and Hippu looks like he's super happy to go out on an adventure! :D The old town of Turku makes for awesome backgrounds, maybe we could go for a group-photography meet there with bigger dolls too! :) (and have some safety in numbers, I'm tired of answering people's questions of my dolls when photographing in public areas. xD )

    1. We can definitely go as a group ^-^ I know Deary has some big boys she's a bit afraid to take photos of all by herself. :3


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