Snow Owl Landing

Sybilla is also in transit, but this other Nendo got home first. Sorry for the shaky pictures, it was pretty dark and I couldn't get my tripod... Let's just say I was too happy, I couldn't stop my hands from shaking? :D Rin is also looking ecstatic, apparently she knows that most of it is for her.

It is the 2016 Snow Miku, Snow Owl version ^-^ It is the warmest days of summer in here, but as the Starks say: Winter is Coming. Starks and Finns have that in common...

All the goodies! At first I thought there were some kind of snow wings included, until I remembered that the set included snow props. There are a lot of details packed in here, I say! It totally makes up for the heftier price of this Nendo. I'm sure all of it could have been seen from the promo pics, but it still surprised me that there are two scarfs in the outfit!

These two are becoming my new top 2 Nendo faceplates. :D I love that grin, and the embarrassed face gives me soo many ideas for Nendo-comics.

The mascot bunny is startled by his headless friend. XD The head is in fact detacheable, and comes with two bodies.

Then to cannibalise the actual parts! The hair is best suited for BRS, so that she can feel more wintery as well. I prefer her default hair, but this will give some nice options. The twin tails have quite a lot of movement options and I can't wait to try them out properly.

Now then, Rin returned to her default hair and geared up in the Snow Owl outfit. Her own microfone fitted nicely into the hand that is actually meant for holding the ski staffs. She looks like she's hosting the broadcasts of the Winter Games! ...But Rin-chan, the next Winter Olympics will be held in two years time.

Hold in there, Rin! Take this time to practice hard!

The expression is perfect for Rin! XD Let's just disregard how the eyebrows are a 'bit' mis-matched for her hair...


I... haved no idea how to do jumps on a snow board. XD So she might actually be a millisecond away from falling on her face... I still need to practice posing this body. Like the Nendo Joker, this Nendo has poseable legs and arms. My other, older Nendos have extra arms parts to show different poses. I really do prefer this movable version, if only because it saves up a little space in my Nendo-parts-box. Whenever I open that box, I have a fear that if it topples over, I'll lose dozens of little parts into the oblivion that is the underside of our couch.

Btw, I was happily surprised to see that the knitted owl hat fits Rin. It doesn't have any holes which Miku's twintails are supposed to properly fit through, the pegs of the twintails are supposed to just be stabbed through the little holes in the knitting itself. So that means that the pegs on Rin's headbow can also be put through it. :3 Looks very nice and warm!

Now to wrap it up, before Nyaru-chan realises that she didn't get anything this time. Her stuff is coming soon though, I promise!


  1. I'm confused with all the swapping XD, but the nendos are super cute! congrats!

    1. Yeah, switching parts on Nendos makes it a bit confusing *_* Even if I switch out Rin's hair, face and clothes, she's still Rin for me, but I know most just see a random Nendo in the picture :D I guess playing with BJDs makes me treat Nendos as my own characters and not as representations of their orgin in anime. That makes it confusing. ^_^

  2. Cool! ^3^
    The pic where Rin plays a sports-reporter is adorable and so fitting! I'd love to see a photostory with Rin as a reporter! :3 I think it's awesome you've made the Nendo charas your "own".


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