Mambo No. 5?

I'll get more into detail about the title a bit later on in this post, suspence!

For now, Nyaru-chan is helping me welcome home my newest Nendo, Sybilla. This girl was an instant must-get once I noticed the promo photoss. You know, sometimes  I think I should just unfollow GSC and Nendoroid news on Insta. If I can't see these amazing Nendos, I won't buy them, right? :D

Back of the box, showing some of the poses Sybilla can do.

And the parts. The cape is also removable.

After getting Snow Board Miku and Joker, I was actually a bit surprised that this Nendo had changeable arm parts, although I shouldn't be, since of course it could have been seen in the promo pics. I jus had already gotten used to the easiness of the joints.

Now, Sybilla was supposed to be alternative parts for Nyaruko, but when I took her out of the box... I just fell too much in love with her! She has just that something in her attitude that I adore. And of course I have a weakness for twintails and girls with weapons (BRS is another example :D). So maybe she's becoming the Nendo no. 5 (and this is why the song in the title started playing in my head). Technically I have bought... 8 Nendos (I had to do a couple of recounts :D), but Sherlock and SB Miku are for parts only, and I don't concider Joker to be a part of my Nendo 'story'. So Sybilla is no.5.

Storywise, it became instantly clear to me that she would be another minion of Yuffie's. Yuffie definitely has an army of twintailed robots with swords. Rin won BRS over to Nigel's side, so maybe Sybbie will have some sort of rivalmance with Nyaru-chan? They would definitely set off some sparks when put together. Maybe even a bigger explosion...


  1. It's interesting to see the way you enjoy the nendos, with a story and changing parts. Congrats on the arrival, she's very cute!

    1. Yeah the story-telling/characters aren't quite as visible in the Nendo-circles, but they definitely speak that way to me. My static figures are just decorations, but with the changing expressions and part-switching, Nendos definitely can make a good story :)

  2. I'm glad you decided to add her to your Nendo characters! She's really your kind of Nendoroid, isn't she! :3

    I love the idea of rivalry between Sybilla and Nyaru! Can't wait for photostories! <3

    1. This one was soooo much my kind of girl! :D I'll see when I ha e time for photostories though =_= PoGo has taken up so much of my time, I don't have thay much spare time left for any kind of photos...


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