The First Wave of Hauls

 I've been such a shopaholic lately! And the first batch just arrived. Here we have: an outfit from Lenivka on Etsy, a Sylvanian Families furniture from Amiami and a Meike extension tube from Ebay.

There were wire wings included with the Lenivka outfit and the package for the wings came with this awesome note! :D I instantly thought of Velvet when I saw this, I dunno why...

All the items of the Lenivka outfit can be worn at once, but I knew I would use this underskirt separately, since it was just the right colour and style for both Lumina and Ford. But since I got another outfit coming in for Fordy, Lumina got to wear this one first. It looks so light and summery! ...It is also open at the back XD But that is why she's also wearing that waistcloth from the Ai outfit set.

Here is the rest of the outfit. It is a nice bright turquoise which doesn't really match any of my dolls so I had a hard time deciding who would model it. But I think Meringue actually pulls it off. I thought the colour would be too dark on her, but it isn't.

And here are the little fairy wings ^-^ I really like them, although I usually don't go for these kinds of strap-on wings.

Now onto the Sylvanian Families set. I read that they were mostly in scale for Nendos, so I wanted to try them out. I bought this cheapish set (like 15€?) that would decorate a bedroom.

It is actually a very nice scale for a Nendo! Nyaru-chan likes her new bed ^-^

At first I thought I'd go for one of the Sylvanian Families houses to set up for the Nendos. But in the end I thought I'd rather make my own set, using the floor tutorial Fantasywoods posted about before. Open walls would allow for more light = more photo opportunities, me thinks? Although a set of those houses would be awefully cute too. I've seen some post their Nendos living in them on Flickr.

Btw, if anyone needs this pajama outfit, let me know and we'll see how to get it to you. I have no need for it. It seems to be 1/12 scale? So maybe for a Lati Yellow or smaller?

Not all my purhases have been online though. The pink cake plate you can see in the Lenivka outfit photos was bought from a loal Tiger, as well as this clear plastic make-up holder. This was such an amazing thing to find! I've hated my make-up bags for ages, since it is so hard to find what I'm looking for. In this holder I can instantly grab that eyeliner, mascara etc. Now I need a slightly bigger one to hold my larger make-ups, like consealant and blush.

I've splurged quite a bit of money on cosmetics/hair products lately, and there are still some items I need to get. See , after I bleached my hair, I've needed pigmented shampoo and colour masks to keep it from going all yellow. And since I also cut it, I now need more hair products to keep it in shape, like hair powder and dry shampoo. I still need to buy salt spray...

And on the cosmetics side, I finally woke up to taking a better care for my skin. I read about the Korean skincare routine and I want to give it a try, mostly to see if I can actually follow it long-term. So far it has mostly been cleansing milk, toner/wash and moisturiser for me, when I have the energy to use them at all. Now I bought some cheaper-end skincare products from Cosmetics Love to get me started (sheet masks, essence, mist spray) and once I've gotten used to these new added stages for my routine I'll shop for the remaining products. Once I get a hold of them, does anyone want a review of sorts? I can also tell more about all the goos I put into my hair nowadays XD

I already got my next slip from the post office, and I'll try to get that by the end of the week. ...And there are still tons of items on my waiting-list. Send help! :P


  1. Thank you for sharing your hauls! I can't wait to see more. And wow, that blue Yosd dress is gorgeous (I love those wings)! Haha, now I have my eyes on some of Lenivka's yosd dresses. ;) And your teenies are adorable as ever.

    Will you do a review on Meike extension tube? I would love to see some your sample pictures taken with it.

    1. I can definitely make a review of it. So far it has worked marvelously, snapping tightly but easily into place. No more worrying about breaking my camera! :D

      And yey for loving Lenivka dresses! ^-^ I've made two orders from her now and all the items are just as in the shop pictures and she is a sweetheart to deal with. If you get something, be sure to post about them too! I'd love to see how other people's dolls look in them :3

  2. Ahahahahaha! Oh my goodness! You seem to know me well for thinking about me when seeing that Bender pic! That was the first thing that drew my attention when I saw the pic of your loot! xD It cracks me up! But I love it when sellers add something like that to the packet~ <3
    ...I think "Bend gently" will now stick with me as one of my catchphrases and I'll use it in appropriate occasions. ;)

    Anyways, love the loot! The outfits look gorgeous, especially Lumina's! Like it's tailored for her. I really love the turquoise dress too and those... bend me gently wings are also very cute, and look somewhat steampunkish! They would go well with a more futuristic outfit as well.

    Sylvanian Families things are always sooooo cute. And they really go well for Nendos, I have some for mine too. :) I really really want to buy that huge SF hotel for my Nendoroid Ciel and Sebastian but... it's a bit expensive and too space-consuming just for an accessory for two Nendos. xDDD But if I find it somewhere cheap then...

    Taking care of professionally dyed hair is hard work! I also use color masks and stuff... Also, I feel your pain for keeping short hair in shape. But then again, it's much quicker to wash & dry than longer hair so there's that! :)

    I'm really interested in Korean cosmetics but haven't bought any. Maybe sometime. Let me know how the Korean skincare routine is coming up! :) I really should follow a stricter cleaning routine since I use make up everyday but I'm usually so tired at night I only wash my face quickly with an all-around cleanser and slap some moisturiser on. I use a combination of brand stuff and cheaper supermarket-bought cosmetics.

    1. Now that you say 'steampunkish', I want to try them on Fondant :3 When I get her new outfit, I'll try if it could be mixed with parts of the Lenivka set and then I could add the wings to it. Hmm...

      Yeah the quick dry is a blessing of short hair! I almost never have to use a blowdryer and I can just leave it to dry on its own.

      Funnily, I first looked Korean make-up up because I kept hearing how the packaging was sooo cute. Yeah, some of it has cuter prints on them and lip glosses/tints can be in animal/fruit shaped containers, but I was like expecting bows and glitter all over them :D And cat ears! But the stuff I bought, it looks pretty normal to me, even though I specifically chose some of the products by the bottle alone (preferring pink over clinical blues). They have a vibe that they are meant for a younger audience though, so maybe it's just that. But I tend to go for the teenager stuff anyway and steer away from the 'this-is-so-adult'-cosmetics anyway. Thenagain, maybe I'm just too over-saturated with cute? So I can't see what 'normal' people consider cute anymore? ;)

  3. So many nice goodies!! I love how you turned one full set into 2 dresses and they work fabulously!!!

    The miniature furniture is so cute!!! Wish they made it in yoSD size but I would be doomed then XD and you too I think!!

    I never took much care of my hair or skin, I mean I would wash them but didn't use any nice products because I hate creams x.x.... but my face started to feel awful so I decided it was time to put more effort XD I haven't tried korean creams in my face, I'm just trying things I can buy here that are as natural as they can be and so far its better, but I haven't tried a product that I would marry to.
    I did buy some korean face masks online, but I haven't received them, I think korean make the best stuff! I would love to hear your thoughts in whatever you try :)

    1. Oh and for my hair I have tried a zillion things because it looks awful. Tried Amika, caviar, macadamia, all the stuff that have gotten famous online, but in the end what has worked best for me is the expertise line from L'oreal XD the one that is sulfate and paraben free :)

    2. Yeah if I found an affordable and cute source of YoSD furniture I would be so doomed! XD

      I thought that face masks were an only-Korean thing, but when I was getting some regular cleansing products from a local market, they also had Earth Kiss sheet masks (+face masks) for sale, and approximately the same price as what the sheets are bought online from Korea. O_O I bought one and then I can compare it to the mask I bought from Cosmetics-Love :3 I definitely have a pampering weekend coming!


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