Summer Wonfes 2016

My picks from reports of Summer Wonfes 2016 ^-^ There was actually just one thing that I instantly knew I'd be getting, and even that I saw pictures of even before the Wonfes :P But my wallet is glad?

(photo from GSC Insta)  I'm 90% sure I'm not going to go see Suicide Squad in theatres (might rent it) because that is just so not my Joker. When Jared Leto was announced as the new Mr. J, I was quite thrilled because I saw huge potential in it. But the Joker in the promos just looks off. I'm just too into the gentlemanly Joker, this silver-teethed tattooed Joker was all blargh for me. But! This Harley Quinn is super cute! And she would definitely look amazing with my Nendo-Joker.

Is this a Sebastial Michaelis Cu-Poche? :D If so, then a Ciel is sure to be found next? I would really love an Undertaker Cu-Poche or Nendo, but only if it also had an option of the full face showing... And I think that it might be too cutified by a Nendo. the Joker from the Circus arc would also be perfet, but that might be a bit too much farfetched! :D

Nathan Drake! I loved paying through all four Uncharteds and Drake's smirk is just so handsome ^-^ I'm still a bit iffi about ordering this though. I like him alright, but I'm not that huge a fan so maybe I'll just pass this one up.

I have no idea what show this is or who this girl is, but she's somehow very cute! I might want to check out the show first though. Luckily this is just concept art, so I have the time :D

Phat company is apparently releasing a 'Parform' figure line. I have no idea what type of figures these are, but I'm intrigued. They look jointed like figmas, but shorter and with stylized proportions sorta like Nendos. I really like that Rei! The face looks spot on so far ^-^

There was also a Parform Gwendolyn on display. This one was a miss for me, the face just looks off, it is too long. But this wasn't the only Odin Sphere figure that has recently popped up. Alter's scale figure looks amazing, although I have no use for a scale figure. I was amazed how many new figures a game this old was getting and then I did some research and found out that it was just rereleased on PS4 :D  I've played the original PS2 release, didn't quite get 100% completion though as the final boss is too tough for me ;__; I'm glad the game still has fans though! I might have to give it another go myself.

And then there are a few Nendos that interest me solely because some part of them would fit a Nendo-Fyrd. I would really like to compile it one day!

This one has an amazing smirk, but unfortunately the eye colour is wrong.

The smirk! But not the eyes =_= Also the clothes might have worked, if they would have been brown instead of black/grey.

The hair style looks promising, but it would need to be really bright red :D

This one has the style and sorta the colour (although it is a bit too magenta). Seems that this might be a hard one to get though...

All in all, if I can manage to just get that Harley Quinn this year, that'd be great! Luckily they are still only making the helmeted guys from Star Wars (Kylo Ren and Boba Fett were at display too), a Han Solo would still be a must-get.


  1. What did they do to my precious Gwendolyn? x.x..... I agree the face is not pretty! I saw the other figure on sherimi's blog and I kind of want it XD I love Odin Sphere so much! I'm actually playing the new edition in my new ps4 :D I loved the ps2 version but this one has many new things that make it even more enjoyable.

    1. Oh I read in your blog that you got the new game and loved it. I am more tempted to get it too now :)


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