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160702 At Summer Cottage 04

This weekend we went to the summer house of my in-laws. The place has so many lovely details scattered everywhere and it looks cutely rustic and vintage. I had to ponder for a while which doll to take with me, but eventually settled on Hani since her current styling suited the place the best. I took sooo many photos! I'm going to make a separate post about the photos I took outdoors, and there's a photodump of the interior details in my White Camera-blog. But here are the indoor photos with Hani, enjoy! ^-^

160702 At Summer Cottage 03

Here you can see her full outfit, btw. I've taken so many close-ups lately, that giving some space was a nice refreshing change. And besides, what would be the point in doll clothes if I couldn't show then off? :D

160702 At Summer Cottage 01

160702 At Summer Cottage 02

The colours aren't perfect in the photo above, but the halo seems almost angelic.

160702 At Summer Cottage 06

My mother-in-law has the rustic details down to linens. This photos was taken on our bedding.

160702 At Summer Cottage 07

And this is from another room, which is styled in all white and light blues. Usually we sleep in this 'attic' space, but with Loki the stairs are a bit too cumbersome so we slept in the salon downstairs. It is a 'salon' because it is just the most suiting name for the room that has a few couches for sitting down and socialising. It's a small cottage house, not any sort of manor! :D

But anyway, there is this dresser, which has these little porcelain figures and perfume bottles on it, all matching in the theme colours. There is even an oldy stand for a water bowl right next to it, but it didn't get into these frames, sadly...

160702 At Summer Cottage 08

160702 At Summer Cottage 10

The photos turned out almost-not-too-grainy even though I didn't have my tripod with me.

160702 At Summer Cottage 11

160702 At Summer Cottage 12

I wanted these photos to look almost 'powdery' if you know what I mean? Did I succeed, at all?

160702 At Summer Cottage 09

And this last one, the colours look so off, or maybe just more vintage. But I loved the weird composition. :P

So this was my kick-off for the photos of July! The month has started great for me on other news as well, as I got accepted into a new school! ^-^ Starting the end of August, I'll be studying for the degree of an ICT engineer. I'm excited, but also quite terrified, as it has been a while since I last was a student.

But, see you soon with the rest of the photos! ^-^


  1. Conrats on being accepted into school!! It is always exciting and scary to be a student again, but I'm sure it will go great.

    Lovely photos as always, the place looks almost magical!

    1. Yeah once I get through the first week and get a schedule of where I've got to be and when, it'll be alright ^-^ I'm just always very nervous when going into a place where I haven't been before. Once I get a hold of my 'surroundings', it'll ease up.

  2. Wow, what pretty interior decorations! Hani looks like a little porcelain doll that has awoken into life and is slightly confused about it. The photos made me think of a story like that. And I love it when photos make me think of stories~ <3

    Photo number six is my fav, because it shows a nice contrast with Hani and those porcelain figures. Also the ones where Hani is sitting down because she's soooo cute that way!

    1. Aw thank you! ^-^ It is the greatest compliment when my photos inspire thoughts and even stories! And yeah, you are right, she does look like she just woke up, very confused. It is actually quite suiting, since my original story for the dolls was that they had just one day woken up. Although back then, it was like they were trapped in the doll bodies, not really the dolls that had come alive. But maybe Hani could be thay other way around? ;)


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